Overpopulation Experience While Traveling Asia

Asia is the largest continent on the globe and home to about 60% of the world population. Which is pretty impressive. Its population will likely grow in the next few years. There are 48 countries on the continent and about half of them have over 30 million people. 

Many scientists and researchers expect that the population of Asia will grow to 5.2 billion people in 2050, which is an impressive number. The forecast is that India will surpass China, which increases the problem of overpopulation even more. 

Apart from this, Asia is an amazing continent that is visited by billions of tourists yearly. You can find anything here. From amazing and mesmerizing beaches and viewpoints over the ocean to mountains, forests, and deserts. Overpopulation is something you will experience in Asia, so you need to prepare for it. Here is everything you need to know to make your visiting experience pleasant and enjoyable. 

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Overpopulation – a free essay example

As mentioned above, world overpopulation might reside in Asia. it has the third-largest growth population rate, after Oceania and Africa. Some regions in Asia are growing more than others, such as Central and Western Asia. The results of overpopulation are diverse. 

There is an increased strain put on the planet, as these people need shelter, food, and so on. If you want to find out more about overpopulation solutions essay, you can read free examples online. There are essays on overpopulation that explore this specific problem in Asia and countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and so on. 

Traveling and Overpopulation 

If you are wondering why overpopulation is bad, take a look at the environment. Countries are growing and growing and this puts an increased demand for energy, food, water, shelter, and so on. And to have these, we need more space to do agriculture. We need more drinkable water. We need more space to build homes. Any student research paper dives into these effects of overpopulation. There are many essays and examples of how overpopulation affects traveling too. 

When you travel, you want to see the world, get to know the local culture, indulge your senses, and remain flabbergasted when you see incredible views. However, this experience can be clouded by huge crowds. Finding your way through them, especially in China, can turn out to be painful. This is why it is essential to know the local customs, such as the elbowing one in China. 

There are huge crowds you need to go through and if you are in a rush, elbowing the people to get out of your way is normal and natural. And everyone does it. However, not all people are used to doing this or not staying in a queue, as the local customs say. Even though China has some of the most amazing views and things to visit, experiencing huge crowds everywhere you go might not make the experience very pleasant. 

How to Cope with It?

This might be a good enough reason for people to avoid visiting countries in Asia where overpopulation is a problem. However, this might reap some of the best views and amazing foods. Even though you do not like huge crowds, do not let this prevent you from having a nice traveling experience and developing yourself.

Manage Your Expectation with Calm 

Traveling in the overpopulated parts of Asia will force you to spend a lot of time surrounded by people. If you expect to have a tranquil experience, you should choose places that are not so touristy. However, expecting huge crowds will help you enjoy your experience. 

Visiting the most popular places in Asia, such as the Great Wall of China, Phuket Island in Thailand, or Bali in Indonesia means that there will be big crowds, both locals and tourists. It is essential to remain calm and focus on the positive parts of visiting a foreign country. 

Personal Space 

Packed places mean zero personal space. Especially on Holidays that are characteristic to countries in Asia, such as the New Year Holiday in China. Social and cultural norms you may be accustomed to in the West may not exist in Asia. as overpopulation is a problem, the space available needs to be used as efficiently as possible. So, expect people to fill in an available space near you. 

Final Thoughts 

Overpopulation is one of the issues in Asia. Central and Western countries are the ones that are growing rapidly and the forecast is that India will surpass China in a few decades. About 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia, so as a traveler, it is essential to manage your expectations before you start your visit. You might experience packed places, especially on holidays. In China, elbowing is a cultural norm, so do not feel offended if you experience it in huge crowds. Stay calm and focus on the positives.


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