7 Unique Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories

We as a species have a tendency to forget things. Even such experiences like thrilling travels slowly but surely fade from our memories. Want to keep your memories of the most exciting journey as long as possible? Well, luckily, there are tons of ways to do that. And we are not talking about fridge magnets. Let’s dive into the most unique – and effective – ways you can preserve your travel memories. 

1) Make a Scrapbook

Well, guess what? Scrapbooking isn’t for middle aged housewives. In fact, this enticing activity is a great way to commemorate a certain event. So if you are back from a recent trip and your memories are still fresh, craft a scrapbook. First of all, you’ll need scrapbooking supplies like ribbons, stickers, patterned paper, etc. Next, prepare all the things that remind you of your vacations. Apart from awesome pictures, these can be plane tickets, receipts from a fancy restaurant, a tropical flower you picked on your last night – anything that will instantly transport you back in time to that magical time. 

2) Create a Travel Slideshow

Since you are going to have tons of amazing pictures, it would be a shame to keep them stored on your hard drive. Want to know a spectacular way to showcase your photo archive without boring every viewer out of their skull? Make a travel photo slideshow! Dynamic animations coupled with some upbeat music will be the perfect frame for your shots. If you’ve never created a video of this sort, these travel slideshow tips will help you get started. 

3) Make a Travel Video

Another way to go digital in keeping memories is by making a travel video. With tons of clips we shoot on our phones, getting the footage won’t be difficult. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is to shoot all videos with the same orientation – horizontal or vertical. This will make the video-editing stage much easier. Also, don’t forget to spruce up your footage with titles, a slow-motion effect, and smooth transitions! And if you’re making a debut in editing clips, you can choose a video editor with a free download to test the waters.

4) Recount Your Trip in a Blog

If you not only want to keep your travel memories fresh, but also share them with your dear and near, consider starting a travel blog. Or simply blogging of your journey if you are already an established author. So once you are back from your trip, sit down and put all your emotions and experiences into words. Writing about your trip will help you keep your story organized. Make sure to sprinkle the text with exceptionally eye-catching photos. After your blog entry is done, you’ll be returning to reread it to experience it all again – just mark our words. 

5) Make a Shadowbox

In case you want the reminders of your vacation to always be on display, craft a shadowbox for them. Fill the box with pictures, lovely trinkets bought at your destination, other decorations and put it in your living room. Each time your eye would catch a glimpse of it, you’ll be instantly reminded of your amazing trip.

6) Bring Back Pieces of Nature

If you’ve been to a place with a particularly beautiful nature, take a piece of it with you. You can go with a vial of sand, a dried flower, a seashell or a pebble stone. Since our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory, consider bringing something with a strong but pleasant smell, like herbs, spices, or a bit of local perfume. So each time you take a whiff of your keepsake, you’ll vividly remember the good days. 

7) Start or Expand a Collection

Pick an item you collect – or want to start collecting – and buy such item on every trip. There is no limitation to what your collectables could be. Some people love postcards, while others prefer mugs and spoons. Just make sure that each item you bring is unique and represents the place you had the luck to visit. 

8) Get a Scratch-Off Map

Really want to show off your wanderlust, huh? Then this flamboyant way is for you. Get yourself a map where you can mark all the countries that you’ve been to. Hung this map on the wall so that it could be on display for everyone to admire. Just be careful – once you scratch a single place, there is no way of stopping.

So you see – you don’t have to stick to key-chains or other meaningless trinkets to keep your memories of your trip alive. Get off the beaten path and try new and exciting ways of not only preserving your sweet travel memories but always sharing them with the rest. So next time you poke the map and pack your bags, reread our tips and pick the ones that you know will work for you. And bon voyage!