15 Best Free Apps Every Traveler Should Have on Their Phone

Travelling is an exciting and rewarding activity. But it can sometimes be exhausting and downright dangerous. If you want to have a trip that would be devoid of any unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, you’ll need a little help from your phone. Well, from the apps that you can install on it. 

Luckily, the market is now swarming with nifty applications that can make any traveller instantly better. And the best thing about them is that some of them are completely free. Want to know what tools cost no money, but can save you some – not to mention time and trouble? Then let’s dive right into the 15 best applications you should have on your phone, no matter if you are a first-time or a frequent traveller. 

1. Skyscanner – Find the Cheapest Flight Fast

Plane tickets are never cheap. But with the help of Skyscanner, you can find the cheapest of them all. This application with really flexible filters helps you search for the best deals. What’s more, it alerts you if the price for your chosen flight has dropped. It is available both for Android and iOS. 

2. Flio – Monitor Your Flight with Ease

Hate running around the airport looking for the flight screen? Download Flio to keep track of everything in relation to your flight. Track your flight, be modified about any delays or cancellations, get assistance in finding the gate, baggage claim belts, and so much more. Flio is available for iOS and Android.

3. Uber – Travel with Speed and Safety

Uber has its web spread over the whole world. Its rates are lower, driver background checks are more transparent, and the waiting time is almost non-existent. Too bad that you no longer have a chance to dramatically yell Taxi!  Instead, you just need to install Uber and push a button. Get it at Google Play and App Store.

4. Google Maps – Find the Way Anywhere

First and furthermost, Google Maps is for creating a route from point A to point B and making sure you stick to it. But apart from that, this app now provides you with real-life traffic reports, public transportation routes, and even reviews on places of interest. Get this application from AppStore and Google Play.

5. TripAdvisor – Pick the Best Places to Eat and Stay At

Well, word of mouth is still the most efficient marketing tool. So if you need a place to stay or eat, TripAdvisor is the place to search for spots with the best reputation. The best part is that you get to leave your own review of the hotel or restaurant to help others just like you. Download TripAdvisor from App Store and Google Play.

6. Airbnb – Find Suitable Accommodations 

Unless you have a friend or a relative to stay at, you need to find a hotel or an apartment. Airbnb has the largest database of available accommodations – you are sure to find your place regardless of your budget or preferences. This application is available both for iOS and Android.

7. Passport & ID Photo Maker – Get Perfect ID Photos

Your passport is expired or you need a visa. Cut the cost on an ID photo with one of the best free passport photo apps. Passport & ID Photo Maker has easy-to-use templates for hundreds of IDs. Thanks to a smart facial features recognition technology, it will only take you a few minutes to turn a regular selfie into a 100% compilable pic. Passport & ID Photo Maker is available for iOS. 

8. AllTrails – Plan Hiking Trips

If you are in for hiking, this gem of an application is for you. It offers thousands of hiking trails that feature such data as distance, reference photos, elevation charts, and even reviews. It doesn’t stop just there, as AllTrails also has an integrated weather forecast with the UV index. It is available at App Store and Google Play. 

9. Flushd – Find the Best Restrooms Around

Yes, even such a delicate matter can be covered with an app. Flushd does what its name suggests – it finds for you the most suitable stop for your urgent needs. Besides, it provides you with such information as fees, disabled access, etc. Get it at Google Play and App Store.

10. Google Translate – Get Your Own Babylonian Fish

A true lifesaver for each and every one traveller. It allows you to translate text by input, voice, camera, and even handwriting. With Google Maps, you’ll be able to read menus, street signs, communicate with cab drivers, vendors and waiters. Need we say more? Download Google Translate from Google Play and App Store. 

11. PackPoint – Get Your Suitcase Packed Right

If you’ve ever made an unpleasant discovery that you’ve forgotten to take something with you – that you are the person to appreciate this app. Use PackPoint to create custom packing lists. It will guide you all the way, based on the length of your trip, current weather at your destination, and any activities you have planned. PackPoint is available for Android and iOS. 

12. WiFi Map – Find the Nearest Free Network

How does 100 million free networks all over the world sound to you? Pretty nifty. So get this application to always be able to find free WiFi no matter where you are at right now. Get WiFi Map from both Google Play and App Store.

13. OpenTable – Book a Restaurant in a Snap

Find yourself in a place famous for fine cuisine? Then don’t waste another minute and use this app to get yourself a table at a fancy restaurant. The application also features prices and seating options. OpenTable is available for iOS and Android. 

14. WhatsApp – Stay in Touch at All Times

Calls to your hometown or country can be pricey, this is why this messenger app really comes in handy. Keep in Touch with your family and friends, send them pictures and videos from your trip, provided you are connected to a free network. WhatsApp is available for iOS and Android. 

15. XE Currency Converter – Know Your Exchange Rates

This app will save you from a shady currency exchange deal. With it, you’ll have all the current rates at hand and will be able to find the best deal. The rates are available even in the offline mode. Download XE Currency Converter from Google Play and App Store. 

Neat, right? These 15 awesome – and most importantly free – applications will help you ensure that your trip will be a pleasant one. So get your cellphone ready and get them all installed before your wanderlust hits for real.