One thing that should be on your bucket list is a cruise. Travelling and living on a ship is definitely one of the best experiences. A cruise allows you to see and visit so many different places, and the best part is that your mode of transportation doubles as your hotel. Which also raises the issue of what to pack and what not to. If you’re planning on a cruise, understand that there will be issues you have to face head-on and that includes limited resources.  


If you get sick or need some necessity, it is not always guaranteed that you will find assistance. Here is a list of things that you should keep in your bag when going on a cruise:  

1.    Electric outlets 

This might seem like an unnecessary item but when you’re on a cruise, you might not find the appropriate electric outlet to charge some of your devices, or there may not be more than one electrical outlet in your lodging. Make sure to carry portable electrical outlets that will allow you to charge your devices, no matter what kind of socket you have.  

2.    Power Banks  

In today’s world, our lives are heavily dominated by our electronic devices mainly smartphones and tablets. There will be a limited number of sockets on board and if everyone has to charge their phones, cameras, tablets etc. nobody will end up with fully charged batteries. For this particular reason, buy a power bank and carry it in your bag.   

3.    First aid kit  

It is a given, that the cruise staff will be ready for any emergency and medical assistance if needed, but it is better to carry a first aid kit in your bag rather than calling on staff for every injury or illness. You will also be visiting different ports and stepping off the ship where you might not get immediate medical assistance if need be.  

A small first aid kit with bandages, band-aids, alcohol wipes should be enough to carry in your tote or backpack.  

4.    Medication 

Medication can be found onboard, but it will, without doubt, be more expensive than you can find on land. So, the best option is to stock up on common medications such as for fever, flu, diarrhoea, constipation etc. An emergency medicine kit should have aspirin, pain-relievers, ointments for sunburns, antibiotics, medication for motion or sea sickness. If you have a regular prescription medicine, make sure to stock up on it before going on-board.  

5.    Anti-allergies 

One of the essential things to carry with you at all times on a cruise is anti-allergies and anti-histamines. You may be unaware of some sort of allergy that you have and never know what might cause an allergic reaction. The thing to note is that a cruise means you’ll be visiting beaches and eating seafood. Shellfish allergy is a common allergy that can be triggered by any ingredient in your food. For emergency purposes, it is wise to carry an EpiPen with you all the time. You can easily buy an EpiPen for allergies from online markets such as Click Pharmacy.  

6.    Anti-bacterial wipes 

This might again seem like an unnecessary item, but when you’re enclosed in a space like a cruise, there will be a multitude of germs that you will encounter in one day. Most cruise ships are fitted with dispensers of alcohol or antibacterial gels, but it never hurts to be cautious. Wipe your devices and personal belongings with anti-bacterial wipes to protect yourself from germs and bacteria. Use these wipes when you’re going to public washrooms and large open spaces to save yourself from inconvenient illnesses.  

7.    Toiletries 

You will find necessary toiletries in your lodgings, but they might be nothing like the products that you use at home and suit your hair and skin.  

It is not difficult to carry your own shampoo and conditioner bottles along with your skin and hair care products. Your skin and hair will be grateful to you later on.  

8.    Sea and motion-sickness remedies 

Even if you’re slightly prone to sea-sickness or motion-sickness, you should visit your physician before going on your cruise and look for the best remedies. Motion-sickness and sea-sickness bands are readily available now that you can wear on your wrist. Other options include herbal remedies that you can try such as peppermint oil etc.  

9.    Sunscreen  

One of the most important things that you should be carrying at all times is a sunscreen or any ointment or gel that suits your skin. You will be soaking up a lot of sun when you’re on a cruise, and the last thing you need are sunburns. Be prepared with sunscreen or Aloe Vera gel to protect your body from the sunlight and any sunburns that you might incur.  

10.    Mosquito repellant  

Another product that you will need is a mosquito repellant or an insect repellant. In close quarters you might find yourself the target of mosquitoes, and it is always different in different regions. Even if there are small chances of mosquitoes, you’ll be grateful if you need one.   

11.    Probiotics  

Another item that your body will thank you for actively taking is pro-biotics. A lot of your activities on the cruise will involve drinking and eating, and there might not be many physical activities. In such circumstances, your body will need a little help.  

Aforementioned tips can be pivotal if you plan to take a trip via a cruise. Bon Voyage!  


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