Airport parking of big cities is certainly not a stress-free and economical task. Due to this reason, it is important to put concentration on the various offers that come in the market. That aim at resolving the airport parking issues related to sites and payment.

Charging is a normal practice for parking request management that has been employed globally. It is seen that price up-gradation mostly discourage longstanding parking requests. As people tend to shift to other parking suppliers that are more economical.

Over the previous few years, airports have progressed from an ordinary setup to the heart of commercial undertakings. Most airports have spread out their services. Appropriate supervision of airport parking services has a very important influence on the client experience.

In addition to this, airport parking services characterize one of the essential stakes in the commercial takings of airports. Normally, returns from the airport parking show between 5% and 15% of overall airport return.

Travelling around the world is a desire that many people have. It is said that official airport parking rates are normally more costly than the air ticket. When travellers do not have enough information about airport parking and its rates, they might experience problems.

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Parkos came into being in order to solve the parking issues. As it was not easy to get low cost and trustworthy airport parking. Parkos is a site where travellers are able to compare parking, book and give money to parking suppliers in a secureatmosphere. It will compare airport parking prices.

There are around 200 parking suppliers accessible in 10 countries. Through rigorous market surveys and feedback from customers, Parkos has succeeded in bringing the present variety of parking suppliers.

It is basically a cost comparison site for airport parking. Parkos is presently a market forerunner in many different countries. From Parkos site, you can get a diverse parking facility including parking for long term. It offers the facility of airport car parks where people can easily park their cars.

Moreover, it is possible to search for the parking sites and its rates without getting registered. During the search, you can view various parking choices as well as study the details of the options. The results will be uploaded in front of you in just a few seconds.

If you want further information on any airport parking site, you can view the pictures of the locations. You will also be able to view the comments of the customers that have previously availed the facility.

Once you have booked, you will get a confirmation email. According to that mail, it is possible to make any changes to your booking until one day before the booking date.

On the specified date, you will need to arrive at the parking site where all other cars are also parked. From that location, the shuttle bus service will drive you to the airport departure terminal. The similar process is repeatedonce you get back to the airport.


Parko presents a greatstatistics solution for parking purposes. It assists drivers on the finest directions to find vacant parking through navigation gadgets and various apps. Parkos has earlier collected two sequences of capital counting up to $1.5 million to advance its technology.

Moreover, due to the latest collaborations with the world’s greatest navigation, traffic, phone contractor and parking firms, Parkos is currently collecting another sequence of funding to continue growing its tasks.


Parkos have been operating with parking suppliers for quite some time. Through huge support and a lot of difficulties that came in the way, Parkos has succeeded in sorting out cheap parking. The low cost of parking is granted straight to the customer. Moreover, through the low parking rate, Parkos can ensure customer loyalty.


All suppliers on the Parkossite have been individually tested by Parkos management. They make it certain that a car is given in trusted hands during a customer’s ride. Due to this reason, all parking spots are frequently visited. Personal checks are carried out to ensure the principles of quality and superiority.


The evaluations of customers are vital for Parkos. An enjoyable experience has a lot of worth. So, Parkos requests all of its clients for feedback. In order to evaluate the performance of parking suppliers. These sort of experiences help new clients in choosing. They can have a perfect clue of what they should looking forward to.


Customer opinions are of great value to Parkos. Parkos has been honoured greatly by its clients. Its service is rated with an 8.5/10 according to 5797 reviews. These ratings show the trust level of customers.


It also compares parking suppliers which provide parkingfor ashort period of time and for a longer period of time. The charges and other related information can be found out very easily. You can park your car with ease at the most competitive rates both at national or international airports and save big.


Furthermore, Parkos also provides details of parking suppliers as well as the services they offer. Such as valet parking, shuttle parking or indoor parking. This gives customers a wide range of options to choose from as per their requirement.


Parkos also shares the location of parking suppliers. So the customers can easily park their cars at the airports without any fear. Through pre-booking the location, you can park for longer terms at airports or at near airport locations.


Parkos shares reviews of previous customers on their site. Clients can post their experiences with Parkos on the site. Thiswill help the new customers to choose the finest parking sites and enjoy hassle-free trips.


The frequently asked questions option answers almost all queries of customers. In the FAQs section, the questions are divided into seven broad categories. The categories includea new reservation, altering reservation, payment related queries, self-parking, valet parking, what is Parkos and queries related to general parking.


Furthermore, if customers do not find their query being answered in the FAQS they can directly contact the Parkos team and they will solve your queries. The professionals at Parkos will help you in comparing the various parking sites.


When you are reserving, you can select the payment mode through which you want to pay.

Parkos give you two choices: you can make payment directly in the parking site or online. Online payment is more easy and free as the payment is made through PayPal.


When booking airport car parking, the two most important things for any client is how cost-effective the parking site is and how much reliable it is. As the clients will not want to take risks and later suffer due to their bad experiences.

So Parkos is definitely a site that can be trusted. The data that Parkos provides is collected through extensive market research. Its main aim is to provide clients with parking facilities that are reliable and according to their budget.

Parkos has established itself really well. It can be considered as a one-stop spot for the airport parking sites booking. It is very important that when you provide a service to your clients they do feel comfortable with it.


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