Quick Airports Hacks for A Seamless Trip

Getting out and traveling takes a little effort and a little planning to get right. I always try to work on ways to refine my holiday experience and it has become something of an art for me. Here are some of the travel hacks that I like to use that always help me to have an easier trip and better travels.

Quick Airports Hacks for A Seamless Trip

Save on Airport Parking

Airport parking can be very expensive. Before you head to the airport, you can save on airport parking by booking ahead of time.

Stay in an airport hotel

Airport hotels are the ultimate hack for never missing your flight because you are right next to the airport when you wake up! Hanging out there is great because it is very comfortable, you have good food and Wifi too. It is a thousand times better than sitting in the airport or stressing about your flight on public transport. I absolutely loved my last stay in one of the great Gatwick airport hotels and it is something I would highly recommend to anyone. It is a great place to stay relaxed up until the last minute and then you can simply leave and head to the airport in no time at all. Usually there are shuttle buses or if you are lucky you can even walk. Another benefit of this is also that you force yourself to be organised sooner than you need to be and are ready to go the night before, which leaves you with a lot of margin for error, especially if you forget something.

Take an airport transfer

Airport transfers are worth their weight in gold because of the comfort and convenience they can provide you. They do cost a little bit of money, but they are great at totally destressing you when getting to or from the airport. I always enjoy this because once you are on the way from the airport to your hotel you can quite simply relax and enjoy the sites and by the time you reach your destination you are refreshed and ready to start seeing the sights rather than wanting to sleep! You are already relaxed and ready to go.

Invest in good headphones

Headphones are an absolute godsend when traveling. They are so versatile and when you buy the right ones you will undoubtedly have a much better time. I would get some with a closed back on them so that they isolate the sound from the outside and don’t disturb others when you are listening to them. Noise canceling is a great option too and can really help you to deal with the fatigue of airplane noise as well as other noise that you are likely to experience whilst traveling.

Getting through airport security

Airport security can be a nightmare at the best of times, so being prepared is your best asset when getting through quickly. When you are waiting in the line, take off everything that you will need to be scanned and simply put it in your bag. That way, you aren’t scrambling to take it off when you are at the front of the line and struggling to put it on after you have gone through the security checkpoint. You simply take your bag and go! Things like taking your laptop out can also help you to navigate security quickly and easily.


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  1. Great tips! Another one: Check the websites of the airports you will be using before you travel. They sometimes have coupons for the restaurants and stores found there.

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