4 Best U.S. Destinations for Seeing Wildlife

Due to the sheer vastness of its territory and its impressive variety of landscapes, the United States is an excellent place to be as a wildlife enthusiast. Depending on the region, you can spot small animals like coyotes, red foxes, beavers, bobcats, and otters. But you can also spot black bears, moose, wild boars, mountain goats, bison, or white-tailed deer. Wildlife spotting is a popular outdoor activity in the country. There are around 440 million acres of public land open to outdoor enthusiasts who want to spot wildlife, camp, or hunt.

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          Here are the four best U.S. destinations for seeing some of the most majestic wildlife. 

1.      Montana

With its diverse terrain, Montana is a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The major attraction is Glacier National Park. Its pristine forests are home to a large grizzly bear population and many other mammals, including mountain lions, moose, grey wolves, lynx, white mountain goats, and marmots. This incredible diversity makes Montana a top destination for adventure lovers. Moreover, the state is also welcoming to hunters, who can get a permit to hunt mule deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, mountain lions, and wild turkeys.  

To stand a chance when faced with the big game animals that roam the vast landscapes of Montana, you will need a powerful scope with long-range viewing capabilities. You will also need a mount designed for your type of gun. For example, if you have a Ruger sporting rifle, you’ll need to consider ruger scope mounts for an excellent fit. This detail is crucial because it will help you stay safe when chasing big game animals.

2.      Alaska

                 Alaska hardly needs a presentation. It is one of the wildest and remotest regions on earth, which makes it a wildlife paradise. Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Denali National Park are world-famous. The remotest of the two is Katmai, which is considered one of the best places in the world to spot brown bears. But Denali is also a top wildlife destination, being a refuge for both large and small animals. In its forests, you can spot grizzly bears, caribou, moose, and wolves. In a single day of hiking, you can spot dozens of animals that you’ve only probably seen in wildlife documentaries. Importantly, Alaska is also an excellent choice for a hunting or fishing trip. Bird watchers can spot dozens of migratory birds, including golden eagles, falcons, and hawks.

3.      Hawaii

Naturally, Hawaii has a very different ecosystem than mainland U.S., but outdoor enthusiasts will discover that this stunning archipelago is a rewarding destination for wildlife viewing. A vast number of species evolved in this diverse environment where you can find volcanic landscapes, evergreen valleys, high-altitude peaks, and pristine beaches. In Maui, wildlife lovers can spot the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Hoary Bat, two land mammals native to the island. Although you can also see more familiar animals such as the wild boar or the mongoose, these are not native to the archipelago. Wildlife lovers will find it more rewarding to spot seals, dolphins, humpback whales, or the massive green sea turtles.

4.      Colorado

With its diverse landscapes, Colorado is another excellent destination for wildlife viewing. Home to the Rocky Mountain National Park, the state is known for its large population of American bison that traverse the vast territories of the national park in massive herds. What’s interesting for a wildlife lover is that Colorado has made sustained efforts to create refuges and preserves for species that face the risk of extinction. There are several wildlife refuges for the bison and the buffalo. You can also spot bighorn sheep, mountain lions, black bears, wild horses, elk, and moose. Elk hunting is very popular in the state of Colorado if you’re interested in refining your hunting skills.

Because the U.S. occupies such a vast territory, with millions of acres of remote, uninhabited lands, the wildlife is striving in many states. If you love wildlife viewing and enjoy outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping, the U.S. offers countless experiences for your bucket list. Research in advance which permits you need to comply with local regulations. Hunting and fishing laws vary significantly from one state to another. And the fees are substantial.

Remember to take all safety measures when traveling to a remote destination. Wildlife spotting comes with a series of risks. Whether we’re talking about large mammals that travel in herds or solitary predatory mammals, many animals react unpredictably when they feel the presence of humans. Enjoy your journey, but remain cautious.





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