8 Pieces of Essential Sailing Equipment

Whether you’re a beginner to sailing or an avid sailor, there are certain pieces of equipment that everybody should have before they go out to sea.
phone on a sailboat

  1. A Tide Clock

There are a number of tide clocks for sale, all of which are specifically designed to enhance your sailing experience. They give you information on when the local sea and ocean tides are low. You can track how long it’s going to be until the tide reaches its peak or valley, so you can plan your journey and stay as safe as possible whilst sailing.

  1. Binoculars

Binoculars are an essential piece of equipment for every sailor. Whilst at sea, it’s important that you can see your surroundings clearly. This enables you to anticipate any dangers that could come up, and stay your boat away from it. Binoculars are also great if you want to gain a wider view of the beautiful ocean as you are sailing through it. They enable you to capture more than the naked eye could ever see.

  1. A Compass

A compass is an absolute essential for any sailor. It enables you to properly navigate through the vast oceans. No boat has a compass built into it, so using a nautical compass ensures you stay on the right track. The magnetised needle within the compass aligns with the horizontal plane of the Earth’s magnetic field, giving you an accurate reading of which way is North, East, South, and West. This is crucial to know in order to get to your destination safely.

  1. Proper Clothing

Whilst sailing, you need clothing that is waterproof and is going to dry quickly such as Neoprene and Polyester. The exact type of clothing you get will depend on where you are sailing. You need to choose clothing that is appropriate for the climate that you’re going to be in. It’s also important not to wear anything that can be easily swept away by the wind such as scarves or shawls.

If the weather is warm, you would be good to go in a t-shirt and shorts. Be aware that the temperature at sea is usually cooler than the temperature on land, so make sure you go prepared with a spare jacket. A rain jacket will also protect you from wind and spray.

  1. Sailing Gloves

A few people in the sailing world will claim that they do not enjoy wearing gloves, but generally gloves are recommended for any sailor. They help to protect your hands as you stay at the vote, and they are particularly important if you are selling in cold climates. They will keep your hands protected and warm.

  1. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another essential for sailors. If you are far out to sea, who knows how long the emergency services could take to reach you. For this reason, it is advisable to have a fully equipped first aid kit on board every time you go out to sea. First aid kits should include

  • Bandages
  • Plasters
  • Wound dressings
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Gloves
  • Safety Pins
  • Antiseptic lotion or spray
  • Eyewash
  • Eardrops
  • Anaesthetic medication for topical application

Having all of the above equipment ensures that you are fully covered in the case of an emergency or injury. Most of these can be fit into a small box that can be tucked away somewhere safe on the boat. It’s a small piece of essential equipment that could literally save somebody’s life.

  1. Flashlight

When your trip is a long one, you are likely going to be at sea during the night time. It is extremely difficult to see exactly where you are going when it is pitch black around you. Therefore, a flashlight is an essential piece of equipment for sailors, especially those who are going on long haul trips. Flashlights or not only essential to see exactly where you are going, but they are also extremely handy when you’re looking for the first aid kit on the boat, or if you’re searching for a snack to eat during the night time hours.

  1. Sailing Boots

In order to keep your feet dry and warm, high-quality sailing boots are essential. They also help you keep your grip and balance in stormy waters. Most boots are small and can be easily stored on your boat when you want to take them off.

When purchasing sailing boots, make sure they are closed-toe, sturdy boots. Avoid wearing any type of shoes that easily slip off, or those that have no grip.


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