What are the Best Beaches Near Philippines’ Metro Manila?

Trying to figure out which are the best beaches near Philippines’ Metro Manila? Check out this helpful guide to making the most out of your Philippines’ holiday and soaking up the sun on these picture perfect beaches!

Beach Holiday!
If you’re looking to travel to the Metro Manila area, trying to find something to do outside of the National Capital Region doesn’t have to be hard. All in all, it’s a really good idea to find a  picturesque beach just outside of the city!

All things considered, there are so many amazing spots along the coast lines of the Philippines that your options may seem endless. No matter if your holiday takes you to Palawan, Pasay, or Quezon City, your time near Manila should be exceptional!

In order to help you plan your holiday, here is a list of some of the best beaches as close as possible to the Metro Manila area. However, because Manila Bay isn’t very safe for swimming, some of the most pristine coastal areas require a bit of travel time. Here are some options for your beautiful day on the beach!

Puerto Galera – Great for a Day Trip!
Located on the island of Mindoro, this stunning white beach is known for its incredible diving sites. Not to mention the absolutely pristine beaches. There are many bars, restaurants, as well as resorts located near the cool waters of Puerto Galera.

Paolobon140 / CC BY-SA

Don’t worry about traveling or finding airports nearby when looking at Airline booking for the area, as Puerto Galera is a short three and a half hour drive from central Manila. If you’re staying in the Metro Manila area, this these spectacular beach views are a short day trip away!
Dinadiawan Beach – Perfect for Isolated Beach Day!
If you’re getting restless in the hustle and bustle of the Metro Manila area and you’re looking for an un-crowded beach, then Dinadiawan is for you! The waves are strong, the water is clear, and you won’t find many people taking up space on the shoreline.
However, because Dinadiawan is a little more isolated, here are a few things you should bring with you on your Dinadiawan trip:
 Food – There aren’t many restaurants right off of the beach. Because it’s isolated you will definitely want to pack all your essential snacks and meals for the day.
 First Aid – All in all, the beach is absolutely gorgeous. However, there are a few rocks just under the water! Be certain to pack a small first aid kit in case you scrape up against the rocks while you’re swimming.
 Camera – You will definitely want to have a good quality camera on hand as the sunsets at Dinadiawan are breath-taking. The surrounding hills, as well as the endless line of palm trees make this a great spot for the best holiday photos!

Ramon FVelasquez / CC BY-SA

Overall, Dinadiawan is a bit of a trek from the Metro Manila area at around 5 hours of driving. But if you save money with a Manila flight booking, and can find a good deal on a rental car, taking a day or two at Dinadiawan Beach is definitely worth scheduling into your holiday!

Cagbalete Island – Perfect for Activities and Adventure
Located in Luzon on Lamon Bay, Cagbalete Island is the ultimate retreat on your Philippines’ get away. All things considered, Cagbalete is one of the most beautiful places you will find near Manila. The beaches are clean, the water is incredibly clear, as well as having a lot of things to do while you’re there!

Lawrence Ruiz (Epi Fabonan III) / CC BY-SA

If you want to go diving, or want to take a boat tour, parasail, or even kayak, then Cagbalete has what you need while on your beach bound vacation. Be certain to find a good Philippines guide to help plan, as well as book all of your beach activities ahead of time!

Laiya Beach – Amazing Amenities!

Naebrimo / CC BY-SA

If you’re looking to travel in style while trying to stay a bit closer to the Metro Manila area, then Laiya Beach in San Jose is for you! As one of the most popular white sand beach locations in the Philippines, Laiya has some incredible resorts and amenities for travelers of all sorts.

Whether you want to check off some things on your bucket list like snorkeling, or staying at a luxurious beach resort, Laiya has it all! Swim in the crystal clear waters, as well as enjoy the views from your private beachside cabana. All in all, Laiya Beach is a spectacular destination just three hours from downtown Manila!

The Best Beaches Near Metro Manila for Your Perfect Philappines’ Holiday!
Planning the perfect holiday in the Metro Manila area should definitely include some of these near perfect beaches! Find peace and quiet at Dinadiawan Beach, or try all of the activities at Cagbalete Island Beach, there is something for everyone on these Philippines’ beaches. Keep  close to the Metro Manila area, and still enjoy your time away from the city center with these incredibly beach locations!


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