Where to Take Your Friends on a Ski Weekend Getaway

When you travel with a group of friends, the whole experience can turn out to be a lot more enjoyable. For example, there are definite benefits to traveling in a group when you make a ski trip to an exciting resort.

The following are some of the reasons for travelling together, as well as some ideas on the resorts that best suit a group skiing experience. Choosing the perfect spot from the places mentioned will give you a tremendous start to any group trip.

Get a Group Discount

Perhaps the most powerful reason for going away with a bunch of other skiers is to get a handsome discount. There are some big discounts to be gained from popular ski resorts such as Courchevel, Flaine and La Tania which offer sizeable group discounts.

This means that it can make great sense financially to find a few friends who are keen to get away on a trip with you. It might make enough of a difference to the price to make it a really smart idea to travel with others rather than alone.

Check out a few prices online and you should see that this is a very affordable way of organizing a skiing trip. Even highly prestigious resorts such as Courchevel offer great value when you take advantage of a special group discount.

This means that your biggest issue will be in finding the right destination and travel dates to suit everyone in the group. If you can settle on a date that everyone is happy with then you are almost ready to arrange the trip and head off for an unforgettable ski trip.

Now it is a question of making sure that you get to the right place for everyone. If you can do this then the combination of the right resort at a great price is going to set you up for an outstanding break.

Enjoy the Après Ski Together

Another massive benefit to going on a group ski trip is that you get to enjoy the local après ski scene together. This is basically the nightlife and could involve going to pubs, clubs or bars in the town you are staying in.

There is an excellent selection of après ski options in the best French Alps resorts. When you head here for a short trip you can have a fantastic time going out for a few drinks with your friends.

It is a good idea to see first of all which resorts have the sort of nightlife options that most appeal to your group. For instance, Courchevel is a highly prestigious resort with a number of classy places where you can enjoy a glass of wine in a relaxed setting.

On the other hand, you might prefer to enjoy a lively weekend in the buzzing resort of Les Gets. This is the kind of ski town where you can take your pick from a whole bunch of welcoming bubs and bars, with live music and a lively atmosphere always to be found here.

Other great places to enjoy après ski to the full include the amazing resort at Morzine, where there is a lot of fun to be had. Val D’Isere is another of the French Alps ski resorts with great après ski, with a lot of British influenced pubs adding to the exciting atmosphere.

Why not check out a few ski blogs to see which resort has the perfect après ski for your needs? Once you have done this you will be ready to hit the slopes and the bars with a great deal of confidence.

Stay in a Chalet or Apartment

If you travel alone then it is likely that you stay in a hotel for your trip. This is fine but the prospect of staying in a chalet or apartment with some friends can seem a whole lot more exciting.

You will see an extensive range of different types of accommodation for groups in all of the popular French Alps ski resorts. Many are simply stunning and offer a wide range of facilities, while others are rather more modest but offer lower prices.

Finding the perfect place to stay in will give you an excellent start to your trip and help everyone to feel completely relaxed. A wonderful apartment or chalet could be the scene of your greatest moments of bonding and plenty of laughs too.

This is a completely different type of trip from one in which you stay in a hotel, so it is something well worth making the most of. Staying with great friends in a fun type of accommodation like this makes for a wonderful break that you aren’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Find the Right Slopes for Everyone

A big concern for many groups looking to go skiing is the issue of whether they will find the right level of pistes for everyone. You certainly don’t want to have some of your friends feeling left out because the slopes in your resort are too advanced or too basic for them.

Thankfully, the top ski resorts in the French Alps are suitable for skiers all types. Big, popular ski towns like Chamonix, Les Gets and La Tania all offer some of the biggest ski areas in Europe, with slopes for everyone.

You can also find professional ski teachers easily in any of these places, so even complete beginners can get going easily and without any fuss.

Consider the Travelling Time

One possible issue with a group skiing trip is in finding the perfect time to get away that suits everyone. Weekend trips tend to be best, with a flight that leaves after work on Friday and gives you the chance to nap absolutely ideal.

With many of the best French ski resorts you can then arrive from the UK to your destination in time for last orders at the local bars. This means that very little time is wasted in the journey.

Typically, the flight will go from your UK departure airport to Geneva and from there you will get a transfer to the resort. The transfer time to the destination varies but none of the big resorts in this region are too far away from the airport.

For instance, if you decide to go to beautiful Chamonix then the transfer time is very reasonable at just over an hour. Another good option is in Val D’Isere, which is about 3 hours drive from Geneva Airport.

Alternatively, you might decide to go to the resort at Flaine, which involves a transfer time of a little over an hour. Morzine is another good choice and it also takes not much more than an hour by road.

By choosing the right resort that is easy to get to you can ensure that it is a lot easier for your group to get there and have a fantastic time from the very first moment.

With so many reasons for making a group ski trip it is no surprise that so many people love travelling here for a brilliant time with some special friends. Try it once and you will be keen to keep on doing it over and over again in the future.


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