Getting To Sleep On A Plane: How It’s Done

How to Sleep on a Plane

Heading off on a long-haul flight? No doubt you will have already packed your hand luggage. But have you packed items that can help you fall to sleep? Many people have trouble getting some shut-eye on a long-haul plane. However, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Especially if you use these cool tips.


Some people swear by mindfulness. This is a form of meditation that focuses on breathing and thought techniques. You can do this in your seat on the plane and no one will know that you are doing it. You might have to practice to develop your skills. So for a month or two before your journey, start looking into different ways of being mindful. You might even find that signing up for a course in mindfulness really helps you out. Mindfulness is also a great way to overcome a fear of flying.


The seats on planes can be quite uncomfy, so the best way to get some shut-eye is to take your own travel pillow with you. The Best Travel Pillow will help you feel right at home and can help you drop off in no time at all! Make sure the travel pillow is hard enough that it can support your neck. If it doesn’t, you may wake up with some painful aches! During the flight, the flight attendants should come around with free blankets. Take one of these as well, as it will help you stay warm throughout the flight.

How to Sleep on a Flight


How to Sleep on a Plane

Music can help you zone out. Many people enjoy listening to music or podcasts while they are in flight as it helps them sleep. If you plan on doing this, remember to take your headphones. If you leave them at home, don’t panic. Many airports sell them in all the shops you pass before you board your flight. Why not download a podcast as well? The chattering on the podcast can distract you from the noises of the plane, which can relax you.


Don’t forget to take some cash on board with you. There will be the chance to purchase snacks and drinks at various points of the flight. You won’t be able to sleep if your stomach is rumbling. So have a bite to eat before you try and catch some Zs. Ask the flight attendant for a herbal tea. They can be particularly effective at making you feel sleepy. Some flights offer free alcohol. If the herbal tea doesn’t help you sleep, a glass of wine will!

Sleeping Pills

There might be some flights that you just can’t fall asleep on, no matter what you try. This could be because of particularly bad turbulence. Just in case, take some sleeping pills with you. All you need to do is take them with something to eat. Then, in a few minutes, you’ll feel drowsy and very tired. You’ll be able to sleep in no time at all!

So don’t forget these items, otherwise you might end up staying awake for twenty-four hours straight!

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