What makes Dubai a backpacker’s paradise

Have you saved enough? This is the most common concern people show if someone says I’m going to Dubai. Known as the city of the rich and affluent, many backpackers find it a waste of time to even think of traveling Dubai.

It is undeniable that Dubai has the world’s choicest luxuries, the city also welcomes middle budget vacationers and backpackers with equal warmth.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons for you to pack your bags and explore Dubai for your next backpacking adventure.

Most of the best attractions are free

Hard to believe but most of the attractions which make Dubai irresistible are free for the tourists, and for many of the chargeable attractions, you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

One of the biggest malls in the world- the Mall of Emirates, and the Dubai Mall are a treat for the tourists. The Dubai mall has in its ground floor the world’s biggest suspended aquarium- The Dubai Aquarium with over 33000 marine creatures on display, for free. Just next to the Dubai mall is the world’s tallest standing structure – The Burj Khalifa and in its vicinity, you’ll find the biggest theme fountain in the world- The Dubai fountain, offering tourists free shows every day.


Dubai desert safari is one of the most prominent features of Dubai tourism and surprisingly, it can be enjoyed at very affordable rates. Bashing the sand dunes, with options for Quad biking, overnight camping, and barbecue dinner makes your experience all the more delightful. It also gives you a chance to select the excursion based on your budget.


The best part about the attractions in Dubai is that most of them can be covered with the easy on pocket deals. You can either take the Big Bus tour and see all the best sights of Dubai on one ticket or book sightseeing tours through respectable operators like Rayna tours to enjoy the attractions in the finest available economical comfort.

The best of Dubai attractions such as the Dubai museum (a must visit to know the story of the exponential rise of Dubai), Global Village, Miracle Garden, Sheikh Zayed center of cultural understanding, and more come at extremely pocket-friendly rates and offers incredible experiences. The insights that these places have to offer will make you a forever fan of Dubai. Here is a guide on how to score the best value Dubai attraction tickets.

Dubai has well-maintained beaches out which, the most beautiful and the only free beach is the Jumeirah beach. With a backdrop of the Burj Al Arab (world’s most luxurious 7-star hotel), the beach is a perfect place to laid back and relax. If you are female, here are some tips on how to dress as women in Dubai.

Transport in Dubai is unbelievably cheap

Dubai metro is one of the best metros in the world. Built is just 18 months, it is driverless and takes the least time in taking tourists from one place to another. The best part of the metro mode of transport is the fact that it has stations nearby every major tourist attraction. You can literally walk to your destination from the station, it’s that close for most of the attractions.

Besides Dubai metro, there are a lot many taxi options available at pocket-friendly rates to go around. Other options include road buses, water buses, abras (water taxis that take you from one side of the city to the other in practically less than $1). The public transport buses also offer one-day packages for a sightseeing Dubai tour in very pocket-friendly rates.

Delicious Food everywhere for every pocket size

Food in Dubai is sure to keep you in high spirits although out your trip. One of the best food varieties in the world is available in Dubai. From the world’s most luxurious 7-star fine dining to the street side food stall, Dubai offers sumptuous food for every palette.

The famous Al Satwa street and Al Dahiyah streets speak volumes of the rolling tongues of the hungry. From the Ravi at Al Satwa to the 365 restaurants where you get a heart melting Chinese and Filipino buffet for less than $5, the food scene of Dubai will make you go weak on your knees. If you are a foodie, Dubai is your place to eat the best of shawarma to the exotic Camel meat.

Dubai has a hot climate almost throughout the year and the city has installed drinking water taps at almost all the important places. Since Dubai’s water is certified by WHO as clean, you don’t even need to purchase those expensive mineral water bottles all day. You can simply drink the tap water.

Cheap accommodations for a good night sleep

Dubai offers you a bed at less than $25 if you are ready to shed some comfort and share the room. These hostels are mostly located in the heart of the city, making it easier to commute as well. A better accommodation in a decent hotel would not cost you more than an average price of $55. Most of the hotel rooms in Dubai have free Wi-Fi so no connectivity issues as well. However, if you’re staying in a dormitory that does not have the facility, as soon as you get out of the hotel, you’ll find every second café and restaurant with a free Wi-Fi.

Dubai is mysteriously affordable. You’ll find the most budget-friendly accommodations in the most unlikely of places. While for transport you get the cheapest mode of Dubai metro, an hour of royalty in a limousine also doesn’t cost you a fortune. Dubai has a different definition for everyone, and hence it goes without doubt that you have to visit the emirate at least once to know what’s your take on Dubai.
A postgraduate in Mass Communications, Neha loves everything about life. An avid trekker & explorer, who often takes off some time from her busy life for mountaineering, she loves meeting new people & gets attached to their culture very easily. Her ambition is to explore as many places as she can. She strongly believes in Gandhian principle – “simple living high thinking”. Neha writes about Dubai at http://dubaiwikia.com.



  1. I still have mixed feelings about Dubai. I didn’t love it but I didn’t exactly hate it. I was there for about 10 days last summer and I just felt like I was in the tiny bubble, away from reality. Just like you, I don’t find any beauty in skyscrapers or malls but I was just in awe at how wealthy people seem to just spend money of ridiculous things just because they can.

  2. Dubai is one of the best place for visit. Glade to see your article. Great piece information.

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