Where Should I Go On a Cruise?

Going for a holiday in a cruise ship offers a life time experience. It actually makes you feel like you are still in your home. This is because it gives you the privilege of enjoying delicious meals, accommodation and entertainment, all served in one package. The adventure that the exploration takes you through often makes you forget about home until you get back. Imagine being able to play your favorite sport such as baseball, swimming or cycling while on the go? Or being able to play video games and grab something to eat or drink? Although people know the benefits of going for a vacation on a cruise ship, the majority of them don’t have the slightest idea where they should go. Here is a compilation of popular holiday destinations when on a cruise ship.

  1. Antarctica

Antarctica is the least explored holiday destination on the planet. Nicknamed the White Continent, the destination is just like its name. While there, you will come across spectacular views of glaciers, snow, icebergs, whales, seals and penguins. Since the area is on the edges of the earth, it rarely gets enough sunlight. But there are birds that come to breed here during summer. And for the sake of being on the safe side, it’s recommended that you wear heavy clothes that can help you keep warm. You will also come across a few research bases that were setup by scientists. For the best experience, you should travel in a Polar Holidays cruise because they specifically major in Antarctica tours.

  1. New Zealand and Australia

There are two major places that you must visit while on the coast of New Zealand; North and South islands. North island is home to black beaches. Holiday makers come here all year round to see yachts racing. After spotting glaciers and mountains in the North island, you can get off the ship and crisscross the various attractions in New Zealand that include national parks and museums. The other attractions include breweries that host wine tasting festivities. Australia is another great destination that’s worth visiting. While there, you can enjoy surfing on the ocean, hiking on the mountains and visiting national parks to see different animals including kangaroos, deer and a wide plethora of bird species.

  1. Hawaii

There are eight breathtaking islands in Hawaii and agencies like Kai Kanani Sailing have numerous tours and trips you can go on to make the most of their beauty. These islands were formed as a result of volcanic activity in the mountain that was at the bottom of the sea. While there, you should consider visiting Haleakala National Park and Maui waterfalls. You can also spend time climbing the rocks in Diamond Head mountain or go watch the whales as they swim at the beach. Besides that, you can sample local culture by participating in traditional Hawaii party.

  1. The Mediterranean

Santorini Greece

If you want to see the best of Europe, you just have to take a cruise tour of the coast. Some of the most thrilling destinations include Spain, Italy, Rome, Greece, Malta, Barcelona and Monte Carlo. On the southern side, you will encounter Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. The advantage of exploring these destinations on a cruise is that you will be able to experience their diverse cultures such as great food, entertainment and fashion. While there, you can enjoy snorkeling and kayaking on the ocean.


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