6 Things Travelers Should Know Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey is a country that has been experiencing an economic boom in the past decade. As a result of this, many tourists have begun visiting Turkey to experience new cultures and learn about its history.

However, before visiting Turkey it is important to know what you are getting yourself into! This article discusses some of the things travelers should know before visiting Turkey.

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with many different landscapes to explore, from visiting Istanbul’s old city or visiting the coastal towns.

Moreover, it can be divided into seven main areas, each with distinct features and attractions. But despite the difficulty in deciding which region you should explore and how to arrange your itinerary to see as much as possible, what else do you need to know before visiting Turkey?


  1. Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe

Istanbul has been the capital of Turkey since centuries, and maintains being its largest city.

Travelers can take guided tours or walk around on their own to discover amazing architecture like Hagia Sophia or the Topkapi Palace (a symbol for Ottoman power).

The city is full of delicious restaurants where travelers can experience Turkish food like kebabs and döner kebab sandwiches.

Istanbul offers something for everyone – whether you’re interested in culture, shopping, museums, or cuisine!


  1. Turkey uses an electronic visa system since 2013

Turkey uses an eVisa system since 2013, making it much easier for foreign travelers to visit and explore this country.

Turkey eVisa is available for citizens of 93 countries allowing them to visit Turkey for up to 30 or even 90 days.

But the best part about the introduction of the Turkey eVisa is the fact that it has completely eliminated the need to visit an Embassy. The whole application process can now be completed online, from home.

Apply for e-Visa Turkey and get the approved document delivered via email in the form of a PDF file, which then must simply be printed and presented upon arrival.


  1. The food in Turkey varies depending on what part of the country you visit

Turkey is a country that has been heavily influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. As such, the food varies greatly depending on where you go in Turkey.

Some of the most popular foods are kebabs (grilled meat), simit (Turkish bagel), Turkish Delight (a sweet candy made from sugar, flour and starch syrup) and baklava (another dessert).

The cuisine can be spicy or mild depending on your preference which is why it’s important to try as many different dishes as possible when visiting this culture-rich country!


  1. There are a lot of great shopping opportunities in Turkey – especially if you want to buy Turkish carpets or handbags

There are a lot of great shopping opportunities in Turkey. Whether you’re looking for jewelry, clothing, or souvenirs, there’s something to suit every taste and budget.

If you want to be sure not to miss the best shopping opportunities while exploring Istanbul, make sure to visit the Grand Bazaar– this huge market has everything from carpets and rugs to spices and fresh produce.

The stalls also sell clothes at all price ranges; we recommend checking out the Iznik pottery!

If you’re not necessarily a buyer and things like art and design speak more to your interests than traditional Turkish handicrafts, then make sure to head over to the Istanbul Modern! It’s a museum of the modern art of Turkey, established in 2004. The museum is also located in Istanbul.


  1. The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira

The Turkish currency is Lira (TRY), which is what’s best to take on your trip to Turkey. The Turkish Lira has been around since 1844 when it was first introduced, while the word lira comes from an ancient Roman unit of weight; “libra.”

Since ATMs are available mostly in the popular tourist destinations and major cities, you may find yourself not being able to access one.

Exchange your currency into liras before visiting Turkey and make sure that you have enough for what you intend to do during your stay.

One dollar can be currently exchanged to 9 liras and that can get you roughly one beer or a fish kebap.


  1. One thing that all visitors should be aware of is how different the Turkish culture can be from their own

To avoid any unwanted conflicts with locals or other travelers, it’s important for everyone to respect each other’s customs and beliefs, which we believe is a basic human decency.

Turkey is a culture that has been around for centuries. Turkish people are very different from Westerners, but their differences can be seen as positives.

The food, clothing, and even the language are all completely different than what many travelers have seen before. There are also cultural norms to take into consideration when visiting Turkey.

One positive aspect of this culture is that it encourages family values which makes the people happier and well-adjusted in society. Travelers will experience an entirely new culture with its own set of customs if they decide to visit Turkey!


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