4 Tips for Traveling to Turkey

Known as the gateway to Asia, the Republic of Turkey has a lot to offer casual travelers and adventure-seekers alike. With a rich history and epic landscapes, the country is never short of attractions that are guaranteed to enthrall even the most experienced travelers. If Turkey is included in your travel plans this year, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of preparation that’s involved. Visiting the Land of Four Seasons shouldn’t be stressful so long as you know what to do before and during your trip. Make the most of your visit to Turkey with these essential tips: 


  1. Avoid peak seasons

As an essential travel tip, you should time your trip to Turkey right if you want to make the most of the experience without the added stress. Typically, peak tourist seasons lie between June and August when Turkish beaches attract guests from all over the globe. In case you are not into beaches, consider booking your trip for March, April, or May. Aside from the moderate weather, these months also offer better hotel deals since tourist demand starts to drop around this time of year. If you are looking, you could score affordable accommodations in Istanbul or any major city.  

  1. Learn a few Turkish phrases

While some Turks can speak and write English fairly, you may still need to use a few useful phrases. The country is low in English proficiency, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn words like Merhaba (hello) or Ne Kadar (how much) Reading and pronouncing these phrases could be difficult, so consider signing up for small courses or tutorials on the Turkish language through Duolingo. To be sure, be ready to use Google Translate on your phone, especially if you are in an emergency or if you need to go on a last-minute run for souvenirs.  

  1. Bring a high-quality camera 

With exquisite architectural marvels such as the Hagia Sophia to natural wonders like Pammukale, Turkey offers numerous Instagram-worthy places you mustn’t overlook. Every corner deserves to be captured, so be ready with a high-quality DSLR camera if you can. If your smartphone has a 108MP camera, learn to compose beautiful shots of important cultural events like Hidirellez in which townspeople leap over a bonfire and wish for their hearts’ desires. You should also spend time photographing hot air balloons in Cappadocia. Find your spot in Sunset Point as early as 4:30 in the morning if you want to get the best shots. 

  1. Challenge your taste buds 

When it comes to cuisine in Turkey, the kebab only begins to describe the country’s entire culinary traditions. While you are there, try other delicious offerings such as Midye Dolma, a popular street food consisting of mussels stuffed with herbs and spices. For a more exotic experience, head over to Anatolia and savor the unique yet surprisingly delicious Kokoretsi, or grilled goat or lamb’s intestines.  

There’s a lot more you can expect from your trip to Turkey, so don’t limit yourself to your travel itinerary. Make this trip the most memorable one in 2023 by following the tips above.  



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