7 Locations that will Blow your Mind in Turkey

Spanning across a landmass of about 783,562 km2, Turkey is one of the largest countries in Asia based on its landmass, population, and economic potential. It has been argued by many that the city is the largest known center of historical influence in Asia. Geographically, it is situated between the Balkans, Caucasus middle east, and the eastern Mediterranean. It also has an impressive feature, with parts of its cities being in Asia and another in Europe. Many tourists have aspired to buy apartment in Alanya, Ankara, and some of the most famous cities in the country. Indeed, many celebrities’ buildings in their favorite cities, such as Izmir and Alanya, etc. – perhaps this is a title worthy of another article discussion.

Instead, this text will compare the various locations in Turkey to find the most unique, impressive, and beautiful cities that will blow your mind. The information contained here is based on a poll conducted the according to Turk.Estate

Silent facts about Turkey

The country is divided into 81 provinces, thirty (30) of which is categorized as the metropolitan province, and there is an aggregate of 580 cities in Turkey alone. The division allows for an even faster spread of development across Turkey and has also invited tourism to all of the nooks and crannies of the famous country.

Which of the Provinces of Turkey is regarded as the best?

Istanbul alone has about 39 provinces/ provincial areas, which are often regarded as the most famous in the country. There are other unique locations with fascinating regions, such as Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city. Izmir is home to 11 of the 30 central districts in Turkey and is regarded as the second-best city if you intend to experience the Turkish lifestyle on a provincial level.

Seven cities of Turkey that will blow your mind

Are you ready for this? According to the poll, here is a list of Turkey’s ten most amazing cities. 

  1. Istanbul: busiest and most populous city of Istanbul is so famous that it is often mistaken for the capital city of Turkey. Istanbul has a beautiful Bosporus view and mountainous areas and is rich in history, having landmarks as far back as the year 330. The city is so rich in history that you can find literal and physical remnants of Turkey’s historical occupants. For example, you can find traces of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the most recent Ottoman Empire. There are many highlights of the beautiful city you will be glad you visited.
  1. Ankara: This is the capital city of Turkey and the place where all of the official activities take place. Although not as famous as Istanbul, Ankara is Turkey’s second-most-known city. You can find all the government agencies, institutions, and locations in Ankara. Worthy of mention is the Anikabir museum of Ataturk, where you will see landmarks of the earliest founder of the Turk kingdom. Ankara has many Ottoman empire leftovers and great places to eat and chill out.
  2. Izmir: The following most famous location is Izmir, where most celebrities prefer to have their properties for many reasons. It is a beautiful city with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean sea. The city is admired for its relaxing effects, premium luxury real estate, and great sea life options. Boat cruises and night dives are a thing in Izmir, and people flock to the beach areas all day long.
  3. Ephesus: Ephesus is a town in Izmir, but it stands alone in this article because of its rich history and intricate beauty in classical structures of many centuries ago. Nested in the Selcuk district of Izmir, you will see the ancient towers of Artemis. You get a chance to tour the marble streets and see the fantastic features that covet the visitation of almost two million people yearly.
  4. Gaziantep: Start from the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the Gaziantep Castle, and the Gaziantep City hotels. The city has experienced a long train of name metamorphosis and is currently the capital of the Gaziantep district. You will find remnants of the Neolithic era and some remnants as far back as the 4th Century. The city is rich in history and one of a kind
  5. Bodrum: Voted one of the best cities to live in Turkey, Bodrum is an impressive array of culture, history, beauty, and natural landscaping ideas. It has many beautiful sites and is known as the city of women. According to a population survey in 2020, Bodrum comprises at least 80% of women. As one of the ancient cities of Turkey, you will find landmarks of up to a thousand years ago and the many eras that passed in between.
  6. Antalya: Known as one of the best locations to see the highest array of Ottoman buildings, Antalya is home to Alanya and has the highest number of expatriates in Turkey. The city is beautiful for its accentuated mountains that allow luxury apartments to oversee the fantastic areas and the warm weather that help foreigners settle in faster. 

Other famous areas not mentioned above include Bursa, Fethiye, and Mugla (very close to Antalya).

Kindly note that this list only includes other locations in Turkey. You will find that the remainder 570 cities not listed in this article also have great features, journalistic spots, historical corners, and unusual places to unwind. So, please do not restrict yourself to the ten listed here if you intend to tour turkey, you can expand your visit and will be happy about it.


This article summarizes Turkey’s geographical features, such as the landmass and city delineations. It also proceeds to discuss silent parts of the country and sheds light on the economic terrain. A notable factor would be the friendliness of the weather and how that pulls visitors from all around the world. It lastly discusses some of the seven (7) cities of Turkey that will blow your mind. Thanks for sticking to the end. 


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