10 Things You Will Love About the Dominican Republic

It is no doubt that the Dominican Republic will offer a significant and eventful vacation for everyone. Don’t miss out on the distinct and memorable characteristics of the Dominican. After all, it is known for its cuisine, religion, music, families, and traditional festivals. The lively crowds of the Dominican Republic are sure to warm your heart and welcome you with open arms.

Samana in Dominican Republic

A Truly Unforgettable Trip

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Things You Will Love About the Dominican Republic

One of the most obvious and popular reasons to visit the Dominican Republic is its beautiful beaches. With nearly 1,000 miles of coastline covered in powdery white sand, it is no wonder the beaches are sought after by tourists and locals. With an array of secluded cays and all-inclusive resorts, it is certain that you will form your perfect beach vacation full of relaxation and fun activities like snorkeling and diving.

Out of all of the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, those of the Dominican Republic seem to stand out. Each resort is has scenic views and world-class amenities including restaurants, bars, lounges, wedding venues, water sports, and golf courses. There are over two dozen options to choose from, and they range from cheap and affordable to full-blown luxury.

Whale watching is one of the most anticipating parts of a Dominican Republic vacation. These remarkable sea creatures make their way to the Dominican Republic in groups of hundreds to breed around the Samana Peninsula. Visitors come from all over the world to board a boat and watch these magnificent creatures relax and maneuver through the blue waters. Prepare yourself for something you have never seen before, and be sure to take lots of photos.

Dominican Republic cuisine is another surefire way to create an unforgettable experience. With Creole flairs, practically every meal will be flavorful and delicious. Throughout the island, the traditional foods will vary, but you are certain to come across staples such as fresh seafood, vegetables, meat, beans, and rice. Dominican cuisine is inspired by African, Spanish, and Taino cultures, but they add their own twist to dishes brought in by immigrants that have lived on the island for centuries. Some of the traditional dishes include fufu from the Africans, paella from the Spaniards, Kipes from the Middle East, and renowned Dominican rum or fruit punch.

Santo Domingo is a must-see location when visiting the Dominican as it is the oldest new-world city in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic, and it features colonial architecture, museums, parks, cafes, clubs, and casinos. It has many traditional events, too, including the merengue festival in the summertime and the carnival in February. These reasons alone make it a must-see location, but it is also fascinating to learn about its history as a city founded in 1496 by Bartolome Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus, and the home of the first street to be built in the Caribbean.

Dominican Republicans love to party, so it is no doubt that the nightlife on the island is vibrant. With a wide variety of clubs, bars, and cafes that continually host events, you are sure to find the perfect dance club, lounge, or beach bar to fit your itinerary. The capital city features an abundance of lively bars, casinos, clubs, and restaurants to visit, and the resorts offer live entertainment and shows of all types often.

Bring your dancing shoes when you visit the Dominican Republic because it is likely you will encounter traditional music and festivals. With a mixture of a perfect, windy tropical climate and Latin culture, the Dominican Republic offers the ideal place to partake in the Salsa and Cumbia moves as well as the meringue. The city hosts a multitude of fun festivals and is home to some legendary dance schools and clubs.

For those that love nature, climbing, and hiking, it is important to note that the Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean, is located in the Dominican Republic. It is located in the Cordillera Central area, and it takes roughly two to four days to reach the summit depending on the route that you take. The peak is 3,098m above the Caribbean Sea, and it is sure to bring show-stopping views and feelings of accomplishment.

The Dominican Republic is also where you will find the lowest point in the Caribbean: the Lago Enriquillo, sitting at 45m below sea level. It features the largest lake in the region, and it can offer a perfect opportunity to view the reptile-infested waters of Isla Cabritos, an island in the center of the lake, containing historic Taino rock art and flocks of flamingos.

While the beaches are truly unforgettable, there is so much more to the Dominican Republic than just its glorious coasts. It is full of life and vibrant culture. Entering the downtown area of Peurto Plata is like a never-ending party with dancing, costumes, parades, and colors. The cultures of African slaves, European colonists, and Taino natives combined with that of the Dominicans will result in a remarkably unique experience and crowds that are ready to let loose and dance their hearts out.

The Culture of the Dominican Republic

The culture of the Dominican Republic is undeniably one of the best aspects of the island. Its welcoming locals are sure to make your stay warm and exciting. With a mixture of food, family structure, religion, and music, you are sure to enjoy yourself and learn a lot about the locals and natives.

Family is a large part of Dominican culture, and they consider it to be a basic element of society. They often stay close to one another and live together, no matter their ages. Most natives do not leave home until they are married, and they usually do not move far. Since family is so important to the Dominicans, it is no surprise that they welcome tourists and visitors with open arms and include them in any and all of their exciting and unique traditions.

Time to Plan Your Dream Vacation

The Dominican Republic offers a culturally diverse and wondrous new view of the Caribbean, and it is arguably the best destination to visit in the region. A vacation in the Dominican Republic will not disappoint thanks to the vibrant culture, outstanding nightlife, traditional festivals and dances, exquisite cuisine, and welcoming locals. With so much to experience, the Island is the perfect place to plan your next trip. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.



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