Seven Pieces of Useful Gear for Outdoor Hobbyists

The average outdoor hobbyist tends to own some really useful things like a good pair of boots, a quality travel case for camera equipment, a tent, portable water filters, fire starting gear and the like. While they aren’t “preppers,” there is a lot of overlap in the items owned by these two groups.

man outdoors

However, if you are new to the world of outdoor recreational activities, you might not know what kinds of kit or gear you should own. While this is understandable, the fact of the matter is that the equipment you will have will largely be dependent on your hobby. After all, rock climbers won’t need the same stuff as fishermen.

That said, there is some gear that is pretty universal in its utility for outdoor hobbyists. If you are looking for some incredibly useful gear to own for your outside adventures, here are seven must-own items.

1. A Hydration Bladder

It doesn’t matter if you are a hiker, biker, hunter or birdwatcher, you need to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, the sun can deplete our hydration levels in a hurry. Therefore, it is important for outdoor hobbyists to own a convenient means of hydrating on the go.

While water bottles are most people’s go-to, they tend to be small. This means that purchasing something like a quality hydration bladder is going to be much more useful (and convenient since it is hands-free).

Fortunately, there are a variety of high-quality hydration bladders on the market today.

2. Illumination Gear

Any time you are outdoors, particularly if you are in the wilderness, it is wise to have a light source available. However, the type of illumination you carry on your person is truly up to you.

As it stands, you can purchase a quality headlamp, handheld flashlight, penlight or other lighting solutions for relatively reasonable prices, especially considering the value that such products provide.

3. First Aid Supplies

It doesn’t matter if you are a trekking enthusiast or a weekend frisbee golfer, accidents happen. When they do, it is imperative that you have the knowledge and tools to deal with the situation.

This means that all outdoors hobbyists should carry a first aid kit with them when they head out for an adventure. At the minimum, it is wise to carry some Band-Aids, disinfectant, antibiotic cream, an ace bandage and some bug repellent, as this will help to cover most minor incidents.

4. Aluminum Foil

This one is likely to come as a bit of a surprise to many, but aluminum foil is an extremely useful item for outdoors hobbyists.

While many campers are aware that packing lunch in aluminum foil is super convenient as it can be thrown directly onto a fire, there are tons of other benefits to bringing aluminum foil on your outdoor journey.

For instance, did you know that aluminum foil can be used to treat minor burns? Alternatively, aluminum foil can be used to fix loose batteries from gear with worn out springs. You can also use this kind of foil to cover your sweetened drinks and keep bugs from flying inside.

The point here is that there are a surprising number of outdoor uses for aluminum foil.

5. A Protective Case

If you are big on spending time outdoors, you are going to need to protect your more expensive or fragile (or both) gear from the elements.

It doesn’t matter if you like to spend time hiking through the woods or surfing on the beach, it is wise to pack your more sensitive items in a high-quality watertight case that can keep moisture away from your more delicate equipment, like camera gear, laptops and smartphones, tools or even your first aid supplies.

6. A Top-Tier Backpack

For most outdoors hobbyists, a backpack is going to be a highly useful piece of equipment.

However, when purchasing a bag, there are two significant factors that you must consider:

  • The intended use of the bag (i.e., hiking, hunting, camping, etc.)
  • Comfort

Truth be told, the second factor might be even more important than the first. If you are carrying a heavy load and don’t have a comfortable, supportive bag, your back and shoulders are going to be in a world of hurt.

7. A Premier Multitool

Again, it doesn’t matter what you do outside, carrying a quality multitool is just a good idea. The fact is that sometimes things go wrong and you need a tool. Therefore, carrying a multitool on your person will help you be prepared for any situation.

While there is one company that is basically synonymous with multitools, there are a variety of great multitools on the market, so shop around and find what fits your hobby best.

Getting the Gear You Need

As an outdoors hobbyist, there are just certain items that you will need to make your outings more productive and enjoyable. Be sure to pick up the items on this list to ensure that you are well prepared for your next adventure.