Partying in the Great Outdoors: Your 2021 Bucket List

The light at the end of the tunnel has finally arrived, with millions of coronavirus vaccines now being shipped across the world to help keep us safe from this new and terrible illness. In the meantime, and with another six months at least until the world’s given the all-clear once and for all, it’s important that you’re able to enjoy yourself with friends, letting off some steam after a difficult year. And with the great outdoors beckoning, this article is all about hosting a party in nature in 2021.


Respect for Nature

Before we go on into the planning phase of this article, it’s worth pointing out that nature is not a playground, it’s a place where you should be respectful and mindful of the ecosystem that you’re staying in. Never leave a hint of trash outdoors; always bring bin bags to tidy after yourself. And be certain that any fires you make will be safe and won’t burn down trees or bushes nearby.


All that said, you’ll know how to be responsible in nature if you’re ever been on a camping trip before. And you should let your guests know that they should stay to clear up after your party so that you leave the spot you choose to party in as clean and tidy as it was when you arrived. When it comes to accommodation, you should plan on buying a large tent that’ll sleep a lot of people.

You can find your ozark trail base camp 14 person cabin tent article here, which shows you what you can expect from one of the larger tents on the market today. Being able to sleep where you have your party will ensure that everyone is able to stay as late as they like, sitting around a fire, or staring up at the stars, as the night wears on.

Food and Drink

A party hosted from a campsite or in the middle of the wilderness is of course going to be different from your typical home-based party. You’re not going to have an oven, a dishwasher, a fridge or a freezer handy. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t cook and concoct cocktails from the great outdoors either.

This really boils down to preparation. The better prepared you are for your party, the more you’ll be able to wow your guests with touches of domestic pleasure that they weren’t expecting. For instance, you can prepare food and drinks at home before you head into the wilderness so that they’re ready for consumption when your guests arrive.


So long as you’re not disturbing anyone around you, you should feel free to bring a set of speakers and maybe even some lights (fairy lights are lovely in nature) to make your outdoors adventure party that bit cozier and more exciting. Play your favorite songs of the last year and dance with friends for the first time in months, with the help of quality speakers with high battery power.

There you have it: a short guide to hosting your outdoors party in 2021.


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