Keto Travel Essentials: How To Maintain The Low Carb, Keto Diet While Travelling

Sticking to a keto diet is less of a challenge to work through when you’re equipped with a full kitchen to follow up with your keto meal plan. But following up with a low carb, high fat diet while traveling is what put you through tests.

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However, keto while traveling is not much of a task if you have got the right essentials with you. You can check the details about the right keto supplements from ketoaholics to help you get and stay in ketosis.

Besides, this article will guide you with some tips to maintain a keto diet while you are traveling for a work trip or a family vacation.

Research and plan ahead

A bit of research and pre-planning can go a long way in keeping up with your dietary needs. Therefore, browse through your hotel’s restaurant menu before you check-in.

Likewise, check for eateries around the town offering keto-friendly foods. Also, look around for any nearby local markets where you can grab some affordable keto specialties.

Eat well before leaving for your trip

Avoid crippling your promising diet intentions by reaching hungry at your destination and just munching anything on the go.

It is best advised to start off your journey all nourished with a proper meal. Fill in your stomach with your low-carb favorites before you leave your home.

Book kitchen equipped accommodations 

It’s easier to follow up with ketosis when you have control over what will be served on your plate. Getting a cooking area to prepare your own meals comes with an assurance of consuming only the right food. Also, it helps you cut down on your food expenses.

With this travel style, you also get to experience the real zest of the place as you set out for groceries, picking on the local ingredients, and learning a whole about the culture. And that will make you feel less of just a visitor on foreign land.

Carry some low carb snacks

Always pack some low-carb snacks to curb your temptations when served with complimentary cookies around your flight. This is also to save you from consuming anything out of your ketosis, especially due to a lack of options.

Some keto-friendly snacks that you can carry are:

  • Jerky parmesan cheese crisps
  • Peeled hard-boiled eggs
  • Packaged mozzarella
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Berries

However, make sure your food is flight-friendly so that you don’t end up troubled at the airport security.

Try to navigate well through restaurant menus 

You can enjoy eating within your diet, even at restaurants that don’t offer obvious keto foods. Making some right choices at your dining place could cut extra carbs off your entree while allowing you to dine flavorsome delicacies.


Learn what to look for and don’t mind asking what ingredients are being used in a dish. Hereafter you can suggest avoiding the use of certain ingredients objecting to your ketosis.

Opt for low-carb alcohol

There are plenty of options when it comes to alcoholic drinks that relatively don’t wreck your carb count. Herein you can ask for mix-ins like a Cuba-Libre with diet cola, a low carb mojito, or a gin with soda.

Be mindful of your diet 

Don’t forget that you are on vacation, and it’s okay to go a little beyond your set of rules. However, that doesn’t validate the fact of diverting your goal behind following the keto diet plan.

Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself with some sugary dessert or splurging on your favorite dishes that you were long craving. Being flexible and making a few indulgences in your diet won’t sabotage your health goals.


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