Dr. Vivek Cheba Shares Some of the Treasures of Maui

Upon pristine beaches and within the dark depths of aqua blue water, Maui shares life-renewing beauty.


Such healing places are discernibly ancient and primal and the way they make you feel connected means that once you visit, you always go back, whether in your daydreams, your nighttime dreams, or in real life – if you’re lucky!

For Dr. Vivek Cheba, a Calgary orthodontist, and his family, Maui has always been special. After he and his wife stepped foot on the sandy beaches and watched the sunset over the ocean, they knew they had found a place for soul-searching. They also knew that they simply had to introduce their loved ones to the magic on Maui. Thus began an annual adventure that has now spanned over a decade. They leave the mountain vistas of Alberta and take their children to the warm ocean waves, to an entirely different yet equally beautiful world.

The ancient rhythms of the earth seem to generate healing vibrations and are met with blue skies on the second-largest island of the archipelago. The sets of waves that move with the ebb and flow of the tides create a cadence that helps the stresses of the world melt away.

Balm to the soul, the senses are both heightened and relaxed as a state of zen is achieved without effort. Here, life seems simple. Here, everything makes sense.

As a Cheba family annual destination, the island is full of treasures to be discovered, hidden beaches and gardens, places that seem far removed from the hustle and bustle of humanity.

They make a list of things they want to find, though ever expanding, they make a point of marking off several goals every year. Life is meant to be an adventure, and one that is shared with people we love. Dr. Vivek Cheba and his wife feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share the beauty of Maui with their kids, and also to be able to share valuable life lessons and experiences along the way.

“Life is ultimately meant to be simple,” said Dr. Cheba. “We make it complicated, but what is really required is to find ways to connect with the people we love, with others around us in positive ways, and to try to make a positive impact in the world. Somehow, being in Maui reminds me of what really matters.”

Here are a few of the places that made the list of must-sees for the Cheba family:

The Secret Beach of Makena

Two giant black lava rocks guard the hidden beach like fierce and ancient gargoyles. Also known as Pa’ako Cove, visitors walk between the two giant black lava rocks to find a beach hidden away from tourists and vibrant with sea life. It is a snorkeler’s paradise and a perfect place for people who want to get away. A picnic in paradise, can it get any better?

Sacred Garden of Maliko

The chance to find a garden off the beaten path in Hawaii seems too good to pass up. The Cheba family found exactly what they were seeking – something unlike anything they had ever seen. The two-level greenhouse is nearly overflowing with native Hawaiian plants, there is a Buddha garden that is topped off by a Buddha statue carved out of a monkeypod tree. There are lush, extensive gardens and labyrinths. The place is storybook stunning – like being in another world.

The Road to Hana

Fair warning: the drive can prove stressful for many because all that rugged beauty that makes the road famous also makes the road hazardous. There is a guide service available for those unsure if they are up to the task.  This nearly 65-mile drive in the northeastern part of Maui has famously stunning vistas that place it on most must-see lists. With fascinating attractions and communities with character along the way, frequent stops make sense. In all, the trip takes 10-12 hours to complete.

Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

This nature preserve is only accessible by boat and  the water is full of sea turtles, exotic fish, and monk seals. A family snorkeling excursion should be at the top of all to-do lists. Watching sea turtles that are even 50-100 years old thrive in their environment is something beautiful to behold.

Exciting experiences, the Hawaiian culture and the treasures of Maui all combine to remind visitors that life is simply better on the island.



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