Discovering the History of the Carolinas

Unpacking this historical region of the United States begins with a single Carolina colony which was quickly discovered too large to be run by a single governor. That alone is just one of the fascinating bits of history which lead to the beautiful Carolinas we know today. New to the area and looking to learn more about the region? Curious about what there is to do on your next trip though? For whatever may bring you into the Carolinas, here’s some examples of great museums to help you get introduced to its great history.

Greensboro History Museum

With a mission to connect learners of all ages to their local history, this Greensboro museum offers numerous exhibits both online and in person. A staple exhibit is Voices of a City: Greensboro North Carolina which allows museum goers the opportunity to discover different interpretations of over 300 years of regional history. 

As part of their online efforts, they run a podcast called History Notes which allows listeners the opportunity to learn more about local history at the convenience of their busy lives. This is perfect for the history lovers on the go whether it becomes part of their commute or as a way to better understand their local area while they are browsing Jamestown apartments to find that perfect fit for themselves and their families.

South Carolina Historical Society

Found in the historically rich city of Charleston, the South Carolina Historical Society offers museum visits to the public Tuesday – Sunday. Also on offer is using the museum as a private event space. Be it just walking through the museum or the setting for your next event, the stunning building offered a setting and a look through history that you’ll never forget. 

If you are curious about what kind of exhibits you might find presented by the historical society, exhibits range from all points throughout the state’s history. Some notable highlights include the first known nature illustrations of the state as well as more recent paintings which celebrate the state’s diverse history. 

North Carolina Museum of History

A Smithsonian Affiliate, this museum offers numerous exhibits allowing guests to trace life in North Carolina from its earliest settlers up through the 20th century. Included in the exhibit are two full sized replicate historic homes and several other recreated environments allowing guests to immerse themselves into the lives of those that helped to shape the Tar Heel State.

For a taste of more recent history, the North Carolina Museum of History also offers a photography exhibit covering the state-run marketing campaign called “Variety Vacationland” that ran from the 1930s until the 1970s.


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