Traveling in the United States? New York needs to be your stop!

Let’s start this article with flavor, so read carefully: “In New York, concrete jungle, where dreams are made of. There’s nothin’ you can’t do. Now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Let’s hear it for New York.” So, like the song of Alicia Keys & Jay-Z said, let’s start with the city of dreams: New York, the big apple.

new york city skyline

Keep reading, here you will find the places you must visit!

Places that bring history

Places that bring history and style at the same time. You’ll see beautiful buildings, parks, street art, and much more.

New York has many things to offer, from museums to theaters to shopping malls. But the most important thing we want to share is the truth about New York, which is different from what people think. New York has been hosting its visitors since long ago because travelers always wander around looking for something interesting. But only a few know how special this place really is. The city itself is like an open museum filled with history and heritage. 

Check this list:

1) Statue of Liberty – It’s located on Ellis Island and looks almost exactly as we had imagined it. We all knew that Lady Liberty was a symbol of freedom and independence. Well, she also represents New York. And the statue is one of the main attractions in New York.

2) Empire State Building – One of the best-known skyscrapers in America. In fact, it’s the symbol of New York City.

3) Rockefeller Center – Located in the Midtown West part of Manhattan. It’s home to Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, and lots of other famous landmarks.

4) Grand Central Terminal – An enormous train station that dominates the Midtown area of Manhattan.

5) Trump Tower – It’s the world’s tallest residential building.

6) Wall Street – A well-known place in the heart of Lower Manhattan.

7) Chinatown – As the name suggests, it’s the Chinese district of New York. Although some say that the literal translation should be ‘China Town.’

8) Little Italy – A great place to eat good food.

Most popular restaurants in the Big Apple

Food is something valuable when you are visiting a new city. Here, we give you some recommendations for eating sites in NYC.

  • Carmine’s Restaurant – Located in Little Italy. Try the signature dish – Spaghetti and meatballs.
  • Vesuvio – Opened in 1926, it’s a classic Italian restaurant.
  • Lou Mitchell’s – Home delivery pizza.
  • Russ & Daughters – Famous for their smoked fish and Bagels.
  • Cafe Habana – Cuban coffee shop
  • Katz’s Delicatessen – If someone asks you what’s the best deli in NY, tell them about Katz’s.
  • Carnegie Deli – Serves the best pastrami sandwich in town.
  • Mangerie – For French cuisine.
  • Poppy – For British cuisine.
  • Komi – Japanese Izakaya.
  • La Esquina de Buenos Aires – Best steak in town.

As you can see, the gastronomy of New York is as extensive as the list of its inhabitants, a mixture of cultures that makes New York a place that offers mixed experiences in its dishes, places, and environments.

New York: a mix of cultures in just one city

The diversity of New York is amazing! African American culture, Latin American, Asian, European, Indian, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Persian, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, Polish, German, French, Canadian, Australian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and so much more. All these cultures come together to form a unique blend that makes New York such an exciting place to live and work.

The diversity of New York is reflected not only in the streets, but also in the architecture. Some buildings seem to belong to different centuries, from medieval times to postmodernism.

You can feel the mixture of traditions everywhere. The subway stations are full of beautiful mosaics, the street vendors sell delicious fruits and vegetables, and if you walk through Times Square at night, you’ll see people celebrating every holiday with lights and music.

In addition to its cultural richness, New York has many things to offer in terms of nature. The Hudson River offers magnificent views of the city. It’s also the perfect place for walking and running.

Do I need a visa for the United States?

Yes, most nationalities need a visa to enter the United States: the US ESTA is the document you need. You will obtain this visa easily and safely. Let’s start this process. It’s time you travel to the city where your dreams come true, New York.



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