5 Cool Places to Visit in New York 

What would you rather do on a trip to New York City: see the usual sites or find some of the city’s hidden treasures? 

While you may not want to miss Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, there are hundreds of other, more out of the way tourist sites to discover in the Big Apple. Here are some you may want to explore. 

Cool Places to Visit in New York

Old City Hall Station 

A piece of New York’s underground history has been preserved for people to see and explore. The Old City Hall Station, which was a subway station, opened in 1904 and stayed open until 1945. It closed because the platform has a curve in it that couldn’t accommodate subway cars with center doors. 

The station is still in great condition and features colorful subway tiles and chandeliers hanging over the platform. There are guided tours of the station, but they are not regularly scheduled, and they sell out quickly. Contact the city’s Transit Department to find out about the next tour. 

MoMath, the Museum of Mathematics 

There are cool things to do in NYC, especially if you’re a little nerdy. The MoMath, which is the Museum of Mathematics, is the perfect place to explore math for both kids and adults. However, you won’t be treated to displays of complicated equations, but to the things that math can accomplish. 

See how bicycles with square wheels work, a video set display that uses your movements to display fractals, and sculptures that react to your touch to play light and sound. Both kids and adults will be intrigued what math is able to do. 

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Lexington Candy Shop 

New York is not only a tourist’s paradise, but it is the gastronome’s delight as well. However, if you’re tired of the latest hip food fare, visit the Lexington Candy Shop. The luncheonette hasn’t changed since its last renovation in 1948. 

Not only is the décor old-fashioned, so is the food. Try a tuna melt, find out what an egg crème is, and find your favorite actor’s picture and autograph as you eat. You’ll take a trip back in time at this still family-owned establishment. 

Ford Foundation Atrium 

While NYC does have green spaces, such as Central and Prospect Parks, a rainforest in a city isn’t typical. However, there is one that exists in NY at the Ford Foundation Atrium. The building is 12 stories high and contains a tropical forest in the center of the glass and steel structure. 

Some of the plants that live there include ferns, gardenias, dwarf bushes, and magnolias. The garden is set-up so rainwater is captured to help water the plants. The garden is open to the public throughout the year. 

Treasures in the Trash Museum 

Started by one NY sanitation worker, Nelson Molina, over 30 years ago, you can go see what people in the city sometimes throw away. The collection of former garbage, which now resides in East Harlem, seems to prove the adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” 

The collection has everything from Christmas decorations to vintage photos to a collection of Buddhas. While the museum isn’t open to the public, visits can be scheduled through the Department of Sanitation. 

Most of the cool places you’ll find in the city are kid-friendly, so you and the entire family can have fun visiting the unusual tourist attractions in New York. 



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  1. New York has a lot of things to do, but the place MoMath, the Museum of Mathematics is the historical place many things to increase our knowledge the amazing things I was seen there. I recommend you should try this once to increase your knowledge.

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