Top extraordinary places to visit in New York

From nightlife, parks, dining, architecture, and arts, the unique and picturesque locations in NYC set the standard for all other attractions in the world. For first-timers, the limitless blur of life and activity can be slightly overwhelming.

Deciding which extraordinary locations to visit in New York? We suggest that you see one must-explore place each day – after that, you can spend the rest of your day wandering around the city and its diverse neighborhoods.

For we all know that the best way to experience NYC is by walking around in the unique neighborhoods, experiencing the fascinating life of New Yorkers, block after block. Let’s see which are the few must-see sites that should be a part of your travel itinerary.

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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
In the years between 1892 and 1854, Ellis Island served as the gateway into the United States for millions of immigrants wanting to start a new life. By looking at the passenger records, baggage, and clothing of the immigrants, you can experience the hardships and difficulties those early people had to face.

You can take the ferry ride to the Ellis Island Immigrant Gallery and feel the fresh air as you explore the past and the present.

Central Park
We all like nature and lush green parks. Central Park is America’s first public parkland and we have seen it featured in various movies. However, visiting it in person is an awe-inspiring event. With 843 acres of lush green land, it is one of the most relaxing and soothing places in New York City.

You can explore the Sheep Meadow or the Great Lawn and see New Yorkers soaking up the sun or throwing Frisbees. Feel like running? You can go on a run in the Parkland and experience the gorgeous foliage and buzz of activity in the parkland. You can even fish in the Harlem Meer! In the winter, there is a Woolman rink for you!

Hudson River Park
Want to look into the daily life and grind of the New Yorkers? There is no better vantage point than Hudson River-Parkland, the longest waterfront parkland in the United States. With so many fun-filled activities in this 550-acre parkland, there is a bounty of leisure pursuits in the area.

Take a swing at golf at the Chelsea Piers’ driving range or kayak, paddle, or sail as per your wishes. Want to cycle? You can cycle along the 4 exotic miles of the bikeway along the river for alluring views. Lie in the grass or sit on a parkland bench as life goes by around you!

Museum Mile

Love going to historic museums? You are going to love 5th Avenue, with its loads of museums all in one place. Whether it is classic art or contemporary that you fancy, you are in for a treat! The Guggenheim Gallery, Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, features modern works. The Metropolitan Gallery is the largest art gallery in America and has over two million works, spanning five millennia!

The smaller institutions such as the El Museo del Barrio and Jewish Gallery are also locations that you should explore and learn more about the diverse history and unique cultures. If you are looking for information about BLM Movement, you can do that as well!

In New York and not go to the theatre? That is next to impossible! Watch some famous Broadway shows and have an amazing experience!

Empire State Building
If you go to New York, you definitely have to explore the Empire State Building, at least one time! The 86th floor and 102nd-floor observation decks will provide stunning views from the top along with the magnificent art deco architecture of the place itself.

Get a sunrise ticket and you will fall in love with the magnificent views you will see! You can also explore the Watkins Glen State Park and bask in the serene, breathtaking views. From the Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and the main reading room of the York Public Library, there are loads to see and experience for literary buffs!

Pro-Tip: The international world observatory is a national treasure – don’t miss out on this beautiful and great place with its various attractions!
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9/11 Museum and Memorial

Where the Twin Towers once stood, now soars the Freedom Tower that defines Lower Manhattan in spirit and view. A trip to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a soulful experience – not only can you get insight into the 9/11 deadly tragedy, but also honor those who were killed here.

There are two reflecting pools, beautifully designed, in the footprint of the original twin towers. These pools feature the names of those who were lost. After the emotional exhibits, it is a perfect place for quiet contemplation over the horrific world trade center bombing.

Final Word
Tired of spending several hours working in the office? Want to take a vacation and don’t know where to go? We suggest that you should pack your bags and take a trip to New York! New York is a goldmine when it comes to keeping your inner-traveler happy and content all through the vacation. The city is full of destinations and interactive activities that will create loads of wondrous memories.

Even though there isn’t a Niagara Falls in New York, from Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown to the high line and Times Square, you are in for a culture fest on your trip to New York!


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