Top 5 Destinations for Water Sport Lovers

If you can’t wait until the summer to get out in the water and go sailing, kayaking, or just swimming in the sea, you will have to pick the destination to create a truly unforgettable vacation this year. Whether you love diving, want to sail around islands or cruise with your friends, our Blue Planet has plenty to offer for you. Check out the top five destinations for water sports below.

1) Diving in Mexico

If you love freediving, Mexico is your dream destination. You can either book a tour and diving course, or  – if you are advanced enough – organize your own trip and make the most out of the crystal clear waters of the Pacific. Mexico has plenty of amazing and breathtaking diving spots, suitable for all levels and abilities. Check out Costa Maya for scuba diving, or Dos Ojos where you can dive for up to half a mile.

Top 5 Destinations for Water Sport Lovers

“Cenote Dos Ojos” by Oswaldo Rubio is licensed under CC BY 2.0

2) Malta for Scuba Diving and Underwater Caves

If you plan your summer vacation to the Mediterranean Sea, you might want to check out the small island of Malta and the neighboring Maltese island of Gozo. You will find plenty of diving schools in Malta, and great holiday diving courses. Scuba diving is popular in Malta, as the small island has a rich marine life for visitors to explore, including corals, bream, and stingrays. In Malta, you will find friendly locals and European standard safety in diving schools. Visiting the island is a great way of experiencing the best activities offered in the Mediterranean Sea.

3) Miami’s Beaches

If you would like to spend loads of time in the sun and take your watersports to the next level, Miami has loads to offer. You can find plenty of companies with boat rental Miami offers and compare the prices. This way, you will not have to tow your own boat and can fly to Florida. Try paddle boarding, kayaking and canoeing, snorkeling, and explore the diverse collection of Miami’s marinas.

4) Parasailing in Goa, India

Goa is the most popular watersport destination of India. If you are looking for something more exciting than your usual sailing or diving, you can try parasailing or dinghy sailing. Most of these activities don’t require any experience. The best time to visit Goa is in the winter, as this is when the waters are cooler and you find beaches quieter for exploring.

5) Swimming with the Dolphins in Mauritius

If you want to explore the creatures below sea level, you will find plenty of opportunities when you visit Mauritius for your adventure water sport holiday. There are several tours offered by companies, and you can spend a whole day exploring the Black River and the Tamarin Bay. Swimming with the dolphins is an experience for a lifetime, and the scenery, natural beauty, and hospitality offered by Mauritius is second-to-none.

Top 5 Destinations for Water Sport Lovers

“~ Mauritius ~” by Mohammed Alnaser is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you are looking for a unique destination for your water sport vacation, you should check out the above destinations offering plenty of tours and courses to help you enjoy your time.


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