Living On the Go: Why a Toy Hauler May Be Perfect for Your Travel Plans

Ah, the open road. People who rely on airline travel really don’t get it. Keeping your wheels on the ground opens your eyes to the rich and varied types of scenery, activities, and lifestyles available on this very continent. But when you’re taking your whole life on the road, as well as the people you love, you need more than an SUV to fully enjoy the experience. That’s why you should consider a toy hauler.

Toy Hauler?

We’re not talking about storing your kid’s crayons and games here. A toy hauler is more like a combination trailer and recreation vehicle. It provides a living space, as well as ample room to bring along your bicycles, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, or anything else you might want to enjoy during your stopovers.

Furthermore, toy haulers are great for those who want to travel with their recreational vehicles (“toys”) because they often feature fueling stations for the toys, and will certainly have a ramp at the rear for effortless roll out.

Built-in furniture folds up against the walls while you drive with your toys in the trailer. Once you unload, everything can fold down to provide a living space. Think of it like luxury camping, except you can bring your car and your motorcycle along.

Reasons to Choose a Toy Hauler

Even if you don’t want to hit the trails in a 4-wheeler (ever), your family may be interested in toy haulers for sale in BC. Visiting a highly scenic area, like a national park? The open end can allow you to enjoy both the indoor amenities and the view at the same time.

It’s also a good choice for a larger group or family. You don’t need to store vehicles – just use the extra space for a larger bed, a bigger party, whatever you want to convert the space to. Toy haulers offer benefits you get from most other recreation vehicles, like generators and water tanks.

Finally, they’re built tougher than a lot of other trailers or campers. There’s more room underneath, making bumpy roads a little less daunting for the driver. Toy haulers are also typically rated to haul more weight than a camper or small trailer. Off-road recreation lovers can at last bring their toys in a trailer without compromising on the camper benefits.

It’s a Garage, It’s a Camper, It’s…All of the Above!

Toy haulers are taller than regular trailers and may require a sturdier vehicle to tow it around, like a large pick up truck. But once you’re parked, your garage will become a motorhome with enough open space to enjoy cook outs, sunsets, and much more in comfort and style.

Toy haulers are great at camp sites, obviously, but they’re also a big value on the festival circuit and for races and outdoor sporting events. So what do you say – do you want to merge your love of the outdoors with the spaciousness and comforts of your very own home? If so, it’s time to check out a toy hauler, start planning your road trip, and kiss the day-to-day grind goodbye. Be sure to check out these RV must haves to make sure you have everything you need for your trip.


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