Top 10 Must-Visit Countries for Students

Each student dreams of spending his student years as much fun as possible. And for this, you need to travel. Every journey or voyage will leave an unforgettable experience for a lifetime!

But, first things first – before going anywhere, better secure your academic stance. Usually, the cheapest opportunities appear during semesters and leave many students wondering – what to do with all the pending assignments? The solution is simple – find the best essay writer, delegate tasks, and go live your life to the fullest!

In this article, we will consider a list of the 10 countries that any student should visit.


If you want to get absolutely everything from the trip at once, then you definitely need to visit Barcelona! There you will find everything that attracts any tourist: unusual food, delicious drinks, wild parties, beaches. All this will make the stay here unforgettable and fill you with inspiration and energy for the whole year.


If you want to travel through the jungle and get some more inspiration from a completely different culture, book a ticket to Thailand. There are incredibly beautiful places, awesome Buddhist temples and one of the best cuisines in the world. Devote a few weeks to this trip to explore the exotic islands nearby. All of this is literally for 20 bucks a day, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Sri Lanka

Of course, we could not but indicate this place. There you can ride a train through the most views, visit an authentic tea farm, enjoy the cozy beaches, and breathtaking mountains.

The hottest season is between November and April, so pack your backpack and book a flight! Do not miss the chance to choose this period and see all the best in the land of serendipity.


Thousands of islands await adventure-oriented student travelers. Wake up in a cozy wooden house looking at the morning haze and listening to the sounds of the ocean. Relax while sitting near the waterfall and reboot yourself. Want some action? Just an hour’s flight to Bali will give you the opportunity to go scuba diving and surf on the azure waves!



Explore Europe starting from Croatia. There are fewer crowds of tourists, and prices are even lower. In addition to the usual relaxing and beautiful views of the mountains, there is a very active and eventful nightlife.

So get enough energy to hang out all night and then rest all day. Visit small local cafes to save on delicious food, go to a beautiful local national park, or engage in kayaking.


Of course, we could not help but mention Turkey. This is one of the most popular resort countries, not only for students but for people of all ages. The stay here will be incredibly comfortable and cool.

There is entertainment for absolutely all types of vacationers, so you won’t be bored. Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, go to the Old City, immerse yourself in Turkish culture, and try the local cuisine with thousands of spices.

Costa Rica

Do you like beaches and volcanoes? Costa Rica will have everything for you – hot springs, mountains, beaches, forests, and campsites. There is all one needs for a chic vacation. Also, you will not need to spend a lot of money on living expenses. Even food in local restaurants costs half as much as in other tourist places.


Do you like the comfort of port towns? Then Portugal is exactly what you need. Lisbon is one of the top tourist destinations in western Europe. There is no bad weather; the food is tasty and cheap. Wonderful people, colorful little streets, and an unforgettable calm atmosphere – what else do you need?


This country will suit those who like hitchhiking and traveling with a backpack only. This is a very popular direction among students as it is convenient, cheap and incredibly beautiful. What will be better than hiking in the Himalaya and seeing Everest? Unforgettable adventures are guaranteed to every visitor.


This is another inexpensive travel destination for you to consider. But still, there is incredibly delicious food, breathtaking views, and trendy places (think about Casablanca!). You can go to local markets and find something peculiar or ride a camel. Why not?

Wrapping Up

Traveling is one of those activities that change people’s lives bringing new people and an unforgettable experience. Don’t waste your time. If your thesis is taking away your opportunity to travel, consider a service like https://us.dissertationteam.com/write-my-thesis-for-me.

College and grad school is the best period for journeys, so buy a ticket right now to one or a few countries from our list!


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