Four tips to make traveling with your pets easier

Like any other family member, a pet holds the key to everyone’s heart. A pet owner knows that life is better when you have a pet around because they always uplift your mood after a hectic day.

The best way to show the same amount of love is by taking them along on a trip. With pet travel on the rise, several pet-friendly travel destinations have made the experience more enjoyable.

The fluffy member of your family is the happiest with you so, taking them on holiday only adds more to the journey and their happiness.

Whether exploring historical landmarks or hitting the beach, you and your pet can make memorable memories.

Since pets are ice-breakers for initiating conversations, it makes you more social. According to a study conducted in 2015, 60% of pet owners are more likely to socialize than those without pets.

Traveling with a pet expands your horizons by visiting pet-friendly cafes’ or attractions you haven’t seen before.

Pets can also compel you to explore the outdoors, like mountains or beaches. Dogs, for instance, are called a man’s best friend and one of the many reasons they make great travel buddies.

If your friends or family members don’t want to tag along on holiday, your pet can accompany you.

Suppose you plan to travel to a popular tourist spot like Pigeon Forge or go on a hike towards the Great Smokies; you can rent pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge to ensure your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

With so much adventure to experience, you and your pet should have a comfortable place to sleep and rest after a long day outdoors.

Having fun is one aspect of traveling; however, you must keep in mind a few things to make traveling with your pet easier. Some tips are mentioned below to help you.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets Even If You’re On The Road

Make copies of every pet-related documents

On top of the list of ensuring safe travels with your pet should be making copies of every pet-related document, especially if you are planning a trip abroad.

Regarding the documents, you should have updated health records stating your pet is healthy and vaccinated. These are necessary to prove your pet is allowed to travel.

Airport officials will request them, so it’s better that you make a copy and keep it with you to avoid problems.

Moving cross country with cats and dogs is a lot different than just taking them for a drive to the vet, so you want to make sure you have everything covered. Each country has different requirements; it’s best that before making any plans, you pay a visit to your veterinarian for your pet’s blood test, vaccinations, and health certificates.

Provide the pet’s medical history beforehand to the doctor to get things wrapped up in time. Without paperwork or required documents, your cat or dog will be prohibited from traveling.

Every requirement has a specific window of time for completion; wrapping things up in the right order is tricky, especially if you have limited time, so be careful.


Like you, your dog is likely to get bored; to prevent that, the best way to cheer yourself and your pet is by socializing. Dogs are social animals, meaning they enjoy the outdoors and company.

Spend some time at the park to befriend other dogs and people; interacting with strangers lets you in on pet-friendly spots nearby and reliable vets just in case you need them.

Aside from interacting with the locals, surf online to find out about the local hangout spots. A few examples of how to socialize alongside your pet include going on a walk which hooks you up with the right people.

Conversing with the locals saves time and effort and familiarizes you with the area.

As mentioned earlier, dog parks are the best social places to visit and foster new friendships. Almost every city has them; if you can’t find one, ask a local.

Online communities also have various groups depending on the location, breed, and dog size.

Pet stores are also one of the best resources for gathering information about dog-related activities for you and your fluffy partner.

Pack necessary items

As you have to think things through and pack necessary items for your trip ahead, similarly, you must plan and pack the necessities for your buddy. Nothing is more troublesome than taking multiple bathroom breaks for your pet along the way.

Unless you have the patience to stop for multiple bathroom breaks, carry portable litter boxes. A portable litter tray folds up to easily store and toss the contents after use. When you are glued to the same spot for hours, you feel restless so does your pet.

One way to ensure that your pet isn’t creating a ruckus in the backseat is by bringing a chew toy or a pillow to keep them occupied.

Anytime you travel with pets, you must bring small treats. Your furry friends get restless during long trips because they are confined to small spaces for long periods of time. Small treats aid in calming them down.

Of course, proper dog food cannot be substituted. Keep track of when your pet needs to eat so you can plan your breaks and stopovers accordingly.

A crucial reminder is to don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit. Sickness is the last thing you’d want your travel companion to suffer from during the trip.

However, it is always best that you are well-prepared if tragedy strikes. Either purchase a pre-made pet first-aid kit from the store or pack the essentials you might have at home like Band-Aids.

One of the fundamentals of pet ownership is an ID tag; hence always be certain that your dog or cat is wearing one. If your pet gets lost, the owner’s contact information listed in the ID tag proves useful in retrieving the pet.

Aside from the necessities, pack extra food to keep your pet satiated.

Get a Pet Carrier

You want your companion safe and sound regardless of their size. In case of emergency, you want your dog and cat secure.

If you are traveling by road, you would’ve to put down the last rows of seats in the SUV to ensure there is plenty of space for the carrier.

Some pets are not accustomed to being placed in a pet carrier; in such incidences, run a trial test at home to get them accustomed. Attach small water bottles to the side of the crate to ensure that your pet stays hydrated.

If traveling by air, remember that several airlines don’t allow travel unless you have proper handbags or carriers to transport your pet.

Apart from carriers, you can also purchase a travel harness that keeps your pet away from jumping to the front seat.

Ensure your fluffy partner is as comfortable as possible to prevent your trip from turning sour.


Trips are memorable when you have someone by your side to share adventures and discover new places. Aside from family or friends, pets are the best travel companion to stick by you at every step.

Traveling with a dog or cat further strengthens the bond. However, where traveling with your pet is a wholesome experience, it is no less than a hassle unless you take the necessary measures.

Making a copy of all pet-related documents or packing the basics for the trip are some heads up to make sure that traveling for you and your pet is less challenging.


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