Transferable Tips for Living or Vacationing in NYC

Whether you’re planning on vacationing or living in New York for a while, you’ll want to get the most out of your experience. Here are some transferable tips for living or vacationing in NYC. 


Knowing where to find the best coffee

New York is a busy city where there is always something happening. If you want to make the most of this, it helps to know where to find the best coffee!

It depends where you are staying in New York, but if you’re looking for a coffee made with South American sourced beans and organic milk, Abraco in the East Village is one option. Alternatively, Drip Coffee in Brooklyn Heights is sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

If you plan to spend a little more time in Brooklyn, New York, and you’re thinking about making your time in NYC more permanent, then exploring the variety of homes and apartments available via a real estate broker is a good place to start.

Embrace fashion

One of the many great things about New York is the fashion. Out of all the locations in the US, it’s the ideal place to express yourself, even if your style is unique to you. You will see so many people with a wacky and wonderful fashion sense, you will be inspired to embrace your own unique style. You can use your time in New York to be yourself or discover who you really are.

Act cool around celebrities

Another perk of spending time in New York is how common celebrity sightings are. However, this can often be where they live, work or spend a lot of time for other reasons, so try not to stare. Be polite and say hello if you want to, but remember they’re just people too and are getting on with their day.

Remember the unspoken rules of the subway

As you will ride the subway a lot to avoid the excessive costs of traveling by car and time spent stuck in traffic, it’s important to follow the unspoken rules of using the subway.

This includes giving up your seat if you think someone needs it more during busy times, not taking up unnecessary seat space with your bag, and not delaying the subway by holding the door open for friends and family who are nowhere near the subway car. People are busy with places to go. So it’s unfair to make them wait.

Be open to trying new things

Perhaps most importantly, there is so much to do in New York. So to get the most out of your time there, be open to trying new things. Even if you feel self-conscious, New Yorkers are accustomed to seeing all sorts of things. So embrace the fact that you’re in a big city where very few people will notice you or be shocked. Step out of your comfort zone and try some things which you might be afraid to do in a smaller city.

So, whether you go on a vacation to New York for a couple of weeks, or stay a little longer, you can maximize your experience. Use the time to try new things and make the most of this popular location.



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