8 Ways to Prepare for an NYC Trip

New York City is a brilliant experience. From the bustle of Madison Square to the tranquility of Central Park, a trip there will never have you lost with what to do next. To truly make the most of the visit, though, there must be some preparation. Whether you’re visiting NYC for a business trip or a fun getaway, here are eight ways to prepare. 

New York city skyline

1: Plan Your Transport 

Getting around NYC can be a little daunting for newbies. The people who live there know the best walking routes and how to get a quick ride to the other side of the city, but you likely won’t know this. To ensure you don’t end up lost in a crowd or desperately waiting on an Uber, find out some tips for hailing a cab in NYC before you get there. 

2: Look Up the Best Restaurants 

New York City has a lot to offer when it comes to food – you will be lost for choice! While you can spend your time wandering the streets in search of the best pizza in town, you’ll make your trip far easier by looking up the best restaurants in advance. That way, you won’t waste time deciding where to eat, and you can look up reviews to ensure you enjoy a delicious meal every time. 

3: Decide Where to Stay

Where you stay will have a huge influence on your overall experience, so choose wisely. Do you want to stay in the very center, or would you rather save a little cash by staying on the outskirts? If you are only going to NYC for a couple of days, it’s recommended that you stay as close to the center as possible to avoid wasting too much time on traveling. 

4: Create an Itinerary 

Fitting New York City into a set amount of time is difficult for anyone, no matter how well you know the city. To make sure you do everything you want to, create an itinerary and stick to it. You might want to do breakfast at a diner, spend the middle of the day shopping in Fifth Avenue, and finish your day watching a Broadway show. By having a set plan, you make sure you experience it all.

5: Budget the Trip 

New York can be extremely expensive, or it can accommodate a tighter budget – it all depends on where you go. If you want a lavish weekend, then prepare to spend a lot of money; if you want to go home without an empty bank balance, then be sure to budget the trip. Look at the cheaper eateries, free events, and absorb the city by walking occasionally if your next destination isn’t far. Not everything has to drain your wallet! 

6: Know Your Must-Visit Locations

When visiting New York City, you are likely to get swept up in the buzz of the place, which could make you forget about your entire itinerary. On the one hand, this is good, as it means you’re able to experience the city authentically and not just from the point of view of a tourist. On the other hand, however, it can mean you miss out on some of your must-visit locations. So, before packing for the trip, ensure you list a couple of places you’re sure you want to visit, whether that’s the Statue of Liberty or The Met. 

7: Make a Packing List 

A packing list is essential for ensuring you don’t forget any of your belongings. What you pack will depend on how long you are staying, what your business is there, and what season you’ll be visiting. If it is the middle of winter, for example, NYC gets quite chilly, so you will need to pack warm clothes. Remember not to overpack, though, especially if you’re only heading there for a few days. 

8: Book an Event 

There is always something going on in New York City. No two weekends are the same, so experience the uniqueness of the city by booking an event that takes place during your visit. There could be a festival going on, a theater production you’ve been dying to see, or maybe an art exhibition that’ll inspire you long after you get home. It is a way to experience the city for what it truly is – a place of art, culture, and life. 

Whether you are visiting New York City for your first time or your fiftieth time, it is always better to plan in advance. That way, when you get there, you can focus on enjoying your trip. Turn to this guide for advice when planning your trip.


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