Why The Texas Triangle Deserves A Good Explore

When people talk about what they know about Texas, there’s a good chance they’re not thinking about the whole state. Rather, nowadays, most people think of the Texas Triangle, a triangle created between three points that cover the vast majority of metropolitan populations in the whole state. When you go through the triangle, you can expect to see a whole lot of Texas in all its beautiful shapes and sizes.

Some luxury to go with that hospitality

Southern hospitality is not just a myth or a stereotype. It’s a spirit that many of the peoples of Texas take to heart. It’s not missing in Austin, the state capital, either. Some of the best places to stop on your journeys through the triangle include some of the swankiest. When it comes to luxury, Austin’s hotels do not disappoint. The Westin, a lavish stop with a guitar-themed lobby, gorgeous city-wide views and amenities galore from the rooftop pool to oversized bubble baths can give you the perfect place to call the base from which you explore one of the country’s most friendly cities.

The purest Texas on offer

Perhaps you want something that’s a little more Texan. There are certain things you come to expect, after all, and rooted in stereotype as they may be, seeing “the real deal” just offers satisfaction like nothing else. San Antonio might be the place to scope out if that’s what you want. The gorgeous Mission San Jose talks to the deeply religious and Hispanic influence in the roots of the state. The River Walk adds an unchanging fixture to an updated scenery. And the Alamo simply cannot be missed if you want to experience Texas.

A story of the past in living color

Why The Texas Triangle Deserves A Good Explore

If it’s a sense of nostalgia for the bygone era that you’re hankering for, then it might please you to see the evidence of the state’s famous livestock industry, with plenty of hooves and horns to prove it. The Fort Worth Stockyards make an excellent stop to see how cattle drives were done the old-fashioned way, with both human and animal well and truly committed to the reenactment. You can’t have ranchers without western, swing and bluegrass and there’s plenty of it there, too.

A lonely trip in the Lone Star State

Texas isn’t just famous for its culture but for a lonesome landscape that calls to the explorer. Even in the Triangle, there’s plenty of quiet beauty to be found on a road trip, still. There’s Jacob’s Well, the most famous swimming spot in the whole state, with both depths and heights that can dizzying. Hamilton Pool is more mystifying still, a grotto where color can play out in some of the most gorgeous dances just from the shifting of the sun. Then there’s the Natural Bridge Caverns, where you’ll be led through some of the most unique caves you’ll ever lay your eyes on, some of them as big as baseball fields.

The Texas Triangle has a lot more to offer that just what’s been mentioned here, but that’s because it’s far too big and diverse an area to cover in just one article. Why not do as the title suggests and explore?


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