Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets Even If You’re On The Road

Traveling is one of the things that frequent people’s bucket lists. It’s a great way to unwind and explore a new country and culture, maybe even learn a new language. But having a pet waiting for you at home can be difficult, and while you are away chasing the sun or surfing the waves, you would want them to be well taken care of and fed in your absence.  

There are many ways you can prepare your pets before your travels to ensure that they will be safe and well fed while you are away, here are a few:

Ways To Take Care Of Your Pets Even If You're On The Road

Hire a house sitter

This is a person that will live in your house in your absence, allowing your pets to have supervision and attention. They may even take care of the house too. Make sure that this is someone you can trust as you will need to be comfortable with giving them access to your belongings. More affordable than some options, this trades accommodation for pet care. Make sure you have trained your dog before you leave them with other people.

Make sure you get your dog checked up before you go

Regular check-ups for pets is a must in the first place. This is to monitor their health to ensure that areas such as their teeth are clean to be able to eat properly if their body is healthy and to spot any abnormalities at the earliest time. For example, one of the most traumatizing and terrifying things to discover is the development of dog cancer, but when caught early, the success of treatment increases drastically. The key is recognizing symptoms that may indicate such conditions such as bad breath, unexplained lameness and loss of appetite among others. Once spotted, you can then research the best ways to treat your canine companion

Enlist the help of neighbors, friends, and family

An alternative to hiring a house sitter, this may be a good option especially if your pet is familiar with the guardian. Neighbors who live close by may even come over more often than paid professionals and having your friends and family check up on your pet can reduce the anxiety that comes with giving a complete stranger access to your house. 

Stay at a local vet or pet hotel

An alternative would be enlisting the help of your local veterinarian who may have a boarding service. This is especially useful if your pet suffers any medical issues or require consistent health care in your absence. This might be a slightly more expensive option, but at least you know your pet is safe and fed.

Regardless of what type of pet you have, most vets have the facilities to take in your companion. The best way to approach this is by asking for referrals from trusted pet-owners about the best places to take care of your pet. It may be best to take your pet to the location at an earlier time, just so they can get used to the place while you are still there.

Before you travel, ensure that the vet has your emergency contact information, any notes on your pet’s needs and an alternative contact in the local area in case they are unable to reach you.

Different pets react to their owner’s absence differently, so make sure your course of action aligns with theirs. For example, cats are most comfortable staying at home, so it may be best to hire a house sitter or enlist the help of friends to check up on them once in a while to change their litter box and top up their food and water bowl. Meanwhile, dogs are social and require more attention, so having someone there with them might be the best option, especially if it’s someone familiar.



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