5 Amazing Morocco Experiences for Travelers 

Great experience awaits travelers headed for Morocco. It’s a wonderful place where one can explore it for months and still find it exciting. Talk of expansive Saharan desert, the yoga holidays on the beautiful beaches, several breathtaking mountain ranges, the wonderful hospitality, great food, ancient buildings and great scenery that characterize the destination.  You will find the place exciting but to help you select the best, we have listed five great Morocco experiences for travelers.

Saharan trip

best Morocco experiences

A trip to Morocco will not be complete if you do not spend a night in the Sahara, one of the most interesting places in Morocco.  A memorable event that will show you the other side of the country—a treasure deeply hidden in the sand. You can start by visiting the breathtaking sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by its beauty, because it is just simply spectacular, heavenly and it will leave you breathless. While there, plan to go camel trekking and if possible, let it coincide with the sunset or moon rise.  In the evening, enjoy the Moroccan cuisine in an open fire while gazing up in the sky where stars are twinkling.

Surf at Tamraght

Visiting Morocco but failing to surf at Tamraght will be incomplete, and it does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or even a professional surfer because it is an experience like no other. The region has some of the best surfing spots, not just in the county but also in the world. For the pros, the visit presents an opportunity to sample a different environment. For intermediate and starters, it is a time to learn and have fun. Being a popular camp, Original Surf Morocco has some of the best trainers. They will guide you all the way, making it easy and fun. Their friendly demeanor makes the whole activity enjoyable and the four hours you spend in the sea will seem like seconds.

Yoga holidays in Morocco

For those who may be looking to relax and connect body and soul, a great experience awaits. Morocco is known for its great yoga retreats—places which provide a serene environment where yoga enthusiasts can reconnect with nature. Yoga classes at roof top with the view of the beautiful lands, wonderful beaches and breathtaking sunsets make it all memorable. It is an event which should not be missed by any chance because the benefits are beyond compare. The camp’s highly experienced and friendly trainers are another reason why you should not miss a class during a visit in Morocco particularly in Original Surf Morocco.

Ride a bike at Atlas

Spend a day in the Atlas ranges, and just go sightseeing by taking a bike ride in the mountains. You will experience the difficult terrain, strong winds and sometimes biting cold but all these will not ruin the fun and memories of a ride in one of the tallest points in the region.

Morocco waits to give you one of the best bucket list experiences imaginable. It is a trip that you will not forget. We have just picked the best experiences and there can be many more depending on what suits your fancy.


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