Taking Your Pet on a Car Ride? Make Sure to Prepare These 6 Items

If you’re a fur parent, you likely want to share all the good things in life with your pet, which means you’ve probably found yourself wanting to bring them along with you in the car once in a while. Whether you’re going on a short or long trip, it’s important to ensure your pet’s safety each time you take them out for a ride. 


It’s also a good idea to pack some practical pet products before you head out. These items will not only help you better look after your pet, but will also keep your fur baby more comfortable in the car. With that in mind, here are some products you should always have on hand in your vehicle: 

Dog Treats 

If your pet isn’t used to car rides, they can get rather skittish and could end up distracting you while you drive. Fortunately, you can help make the experience more positive for them by bringing some of their favorite dog treats with you. Also consider investing in a high-quality and durable on-the-go container to keep these tasty snacks in, such as one of PrideBites’ dog treat bags. 

A Dog Leash 

Being in a car for hours can make your pet a bit restless, so it’s good to let them stretch their legs once in a while during a longer trip. When letting your pup out of the vehicle, you’ll want to use a sturdy collar or harness and a leash to keep them close by as you let them walk around or do their business. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy to accidentally forget these items before leaving the house, so always keep a few of these in the car. That way, you’ll always be ready to take your fur baby out for a quick break from being on the road for so long. 

A Pet Seat with a Built-In Seatbelt 

One thing that you definitely need to have in your car is a pet seat that comes with its own seatbelt. This is especially important if you’ll be driving in a state that requires pets in cars to be secured at all times. That said, it’s always a good idea to ensure that your pup can’t jump or run around in your car, as they may accidentally hurt themselves or distract you from keeping your eyes on the road. 

A Pet Crate  

Unfortunately, not all pet seats are created equal. To be specific, some pet seats aren’t big enough to accommodate bigger breeds like golden retrievers. If you’re having trouble finding a pet seat for a large dog breed, you can opt to get a pet crate instead. 

A Poop Bag Holder with Separate Compartments 

Having to clean up after your pet while you’re on the go is a fact of pet parent life. You probably also know that finding a place to temporarily store used poop bags can be a hassle when you’re on the go. This is especially important if you’re on a long road trip and can’t easily find a proper place to immediately dispose of your pet’s poop. Additionally, keeping the sealed poop bags in your car for a long period will make your vehicle smell awful. 

That’s why you’ll need to invest in a poop bag holder with separate compartments for new and used poop bags. Using such a product will keep unwanted odors from wafting out and stinking up your car. At the same time, using a holder means you won’t have to place the used poop bags in direct contact with any part of your car while you find the right place to dispose of your pet’s waste. 

Travel Bowls 

Make sure to bring enough food and water for your pet so that they don’t go hungry or thirsty while you’re going places. With that in mind, you also need to bring portable water and food bowls that your fur baby can drink and eat out of comfortably. Because travel bowls can be folded flat when not in use, they take up much less space in the car compared to regular bulky ones made of stainless steel or plastic. 

If possible, always leave a few of these collapsible bowls in your car. That way, you’ll always be ready to feed or give your pet water while on the road, even during last-minute or emergency trips. 

It can be a lot of fun to bring your pet out for a drive, whether it’s for a quick trip around the corner or a long road trip. However, this doesn’t mean you can forget all about your responsibilities as a pet owner. You still need to look after your pup whether you’re inside or outside the home, after all. 

That said, instead of only packing and bringing the above items with you every time you go out, consider leaving some of them in your car at all times. Provided that you have enough room in your car to do so, this will ensure that you always have these items on hand and will be less likely to forget them at home. This will also save you a lot of time whenever you prep for the ride ahead. 


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