Brief & Simple Guide: How to Download Videos from Facebook like a Pro

It’s no secret that Facebook is the trendiest social network and is now also a competitor to such a video platform as YouTube. Yes, that’s because FB is increasingly empowering its users to enjoy video content. There are many videos on various topics including travel, which are very interesting but not always possible to watch in time. What if the user deletes it before you’ve watched it? Or maybe you want to download media content to share with friends or followers on another social network? It’s a good time to upload facebook videos to your computer so that you don’t have to visit the platform and will be able to enjoy videos offline.

Here are three simple solutions for saving FB video of the platform: online Facebook video download tools, extensions, and a bonus tip.

Online Savers

Fbdownloader.net, Fbdown.net, Fastvid.com, Getfbstuff.com, Fbvideodownloader.org, Fbvideosaver.net, etc., are such FB video download online uploaders. This way of downloading is suitable for those who do not wish to install applications/any other software, or if you do not download videos often (going to a web-based saver page every time may not be the most convenient).

To save a video with an online downloader, you need to visit one of the web-based tools, then go to FB to copy a video URL, put the URL in the input line of the tool, click on a button and find it on a computer “downloads” default folder.

Browser extensions

It is a relatively simple and yet handy method to download videos, but first, you need to install an extension (perhaps not suitable for everyone because it takes time). There are plenty of them (like with online savers).

You may choose an extension by entering Video Downloader for Facebook in a google search bar and adding Chrome Store. For example, you may find a Social video downloader or another Video downloader for Facebook and, after a browser extension installation, start a video saving process.

To save videos using this method, you just install an extension to your browser, restart it, go to FB to pick out a video, and press a “Download” button/icon after playing it.

Bonus Tip: Address modification

If installing an extension or using online Facebook video download tools is not appropriate for you, you can resort to a “little bit outdated” method of downloading: changing the video address.

Here is how to upload a video this way:

  • visit FB and choose a video;
  • play it and call up the context menu (right-clicking on it);
  • press on “Show video URL” and copy it;
  • insert the address in a new browser window;
  • replace the “www” into “mbasic” in the address, then click on Enter;
  • again call up a pop-up menu and press “Save video as”;
  • Click on “Save” and pick out a folder to finally get a video on your computer.


It turns out saving a FB video is possible, and it’s not that hard to do today. But remember that downloading content for commercial purposes or passing it off as your own is against the law. So, we should respect the rights of the authors of the content we keep.


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