Why You Should Rent A Car on Your Next Business Trip in Europe

When you travel on business, it can be easy to get into the routine of using cabs to get everywhere or expecting that you’ll be able to get around as much as you need to with public transport. However, a lot of the time, renting a car can actually end up being more economical, as well as giving you a lot more freedom and allowing you to properly experience the place you are visiting a little bit, rather than just seeing the hotel and the office you’re there to see or the conference centre. This can particularly be the case when you visit a European country for work.  

rental car in Europe

Why Renting A Car At the Airport Can Be Cheaper 

Whether you run your own business and have to worry about the expenses for your trip or are spending your employers’ money, chances are there is some pressure on you to find the cheapest reasonable solutions for travel. Many people assume that because most major European cities have comprehensive public transport systems that this will be the cheapest option. However, often this is not the case. If the airport you are flying into is in a different city to your ultimate destination, then a train journey may well be more expensive than you expect, especially in France, although prices are getting high for rail transport in most European destinations.  

Hiring a car from an international car rental point at the airport can be a cheaper solution even than using rail under some circumstances – especially if more than one person is travelling – and will almost always be cheaper than relying on taxis. You can also look for deals on car rental when you are booking other elements of your trip to save even more. 

Car Rental Gives More Convenience 

If your flight arrives in the middle of the night, you may not even be able to use public transport right away as most transport systems are not 24hours. With a rental, you can travel whenever you want, and you also won’t have to worry about things like carrying a lot of luggage around on busy underground trains or navigating bus timetables in a foreign language. You also can avoid any potential scams or overcharging, which in some cities can be an issue with using taxis. 

Explore More 

Visiting a foreign country, even when it is just for a brief work trip, should always be an interesting experience. When you have your own transportation, you can use your free time to get out and explore outside of the business districts or the area where you are staying, and all without having to do too much planning.  

Renting a car is often the best solution there is in terms of cost, convenience, and the enjoyment you can get out of a workrelated trip. So, next time you are planning to visit another country in Europe for business, why not do the maths and decide if car hire might be your best choice? 


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