How to Travel on a Small Budget

Let’s face it, travelling is not cheap, and it can be expensive to holiday or take a trip. Most people have a limited budget for travelling, and it can be indeed challenging to travel on a frugal budget. Some of the most common complaints from everyone is that they do not have enough money to travel. Well, it is a real problem abut the excellent news is that there are solutions to overcome it.

woman traveling on budget

The truth is that one should not let a shortage of cash spoil their plans, and one need not be rich to travel. You can certainly tide over those cash shortages at Cashlady.com and make use of some essential tips by expert travel hackers on how to travel on a frugal budget.

  • Look for cheaper destinations – There are plenty of popular touristic spots that are loaded with fun and nature, and one can enjoy a great holiday here at much lower costs. You can head for Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and more. The choices are endless!
  • Travel during offseason- It is no secret that it is much cheaper if one travels during the offseason to a destination. One can avoid those hefty prices tags on food, transport, and lodging that are common during the peak season.
  • Travel with family and friends- When you share the trip with your friend or family member, the costs of the trip naturally goes down. Now you can enjoy the same comforts and well within your budget as you enjoy the financial benefit of splitting the costs of transport, food, and lodging.
  • Hitchhike to save transport costs – Hitchhiking is a great way to meet new people and save money in transport. However, you need to be careful and follow some guidelines for Hitchhiking.
  • Start collecting points and miles- Smart and savvy travellers plan ahead and make good use of their favourite cards and loyalty programs. In return, they get cheaper flights or free bookings for hotel stay and discount offers on shopping. This is a great way to travel on a lower budget and make neat savings.
  • Ask the locals – It is a good idea to contact the locals to learn as to where you can find the most affordable options for lodging and food. You can also ask them about the local attractions that come for free and where you can enjoy the best street food.
  • Avoid expensive restaurants – Look for hotels with free breakfast, and you can easily skip the lunch and have just two meals a day. Another good option is to enjoy cheaper street food or cook your own meals.
  • Make good use of your skills- Many times, the local markets are looking for special skills such as a photographer, writer, or translator. Why not freelance and swap your skills for free food and lodging? This is a great way to lower your travel costs.
  • Do not shop for gifts or souvenirs- While one may be tempted to visit the local gift shops and hunt for souvenirs, you end up spending a lot at these shops. Look for local experiences as your memories and take them back as souvenirs.

You can rack your brains and look for more ideas as to how you can get your food and lodging for free or at a fraction of the costs. You would be surprised to learn about some people who travel often and without making a dent to their wallet. All they do is prepare well in advance and employ those travel hacks to enjoy a great trip even if they are on a frugal budget. Make good use of the above-mentioned tips and learn how to travel on a low budget. There is no reason why you cannot have a great trip or a holiday even if you are short of cash.



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