If You Like LA You’ll Love Santa Monica

Away from the never-ending traffic queues of Los Angeles and the plastic people living in a plastic world, you will find the beautiful and enchanting coastal paradise that is Santa Monica. Santa Monica is far from the bustle of the major California city, to the west by the beach with beautiful views of the pacific ocean. Here, the scene is a little more gentle, and people are far more relaxed, chilling in this tropical paradise. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the beautiful destination, here are some must-see points to consider.

Sweatin’ In The Sun

One of the most unique parts of Santa Monica is Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach was first established and set up in the 1930’s so it is certainly part of the history of American culture. Here you’ll be able to pump that iron and build up a sweat away from the stuffy confinements of an indoor gym. You’ll find a vast array of different characters here and basketball games occur regularly. Or, if you’re a movie fan, head down to the sands and get a game of beach volleyball going. With multiple speaker systems around, you’re sure to be able to reenact that classic scene from Top Gun.

Places To Stay
santa monica california things to do

Santa Monica is certainly a prime place for tourists, and as such, there is a wide variety of places to stay. You’ll find everything from five-star hotels to youth hostels for people backpacking on a budget. Of course, if you’re planning on taking a longer trip for an extra extended getaway, you may want to consider the apartments near the beach. These luxury properties are the perfect place to relax in style and comfort with all the amenities that you could ever need. If you are taking a few months on your next vacation, this is the ultimate choice for you.

Something For The Kids

Travelling with family? Don’t worry, the kids won’t be bored in Santa Monica. Even if they do get bored learning to surf or swimming in the crystal clear, ocean, you could take them to the Pacific amusement park. Here you’ll find various rides perfect for little ones and thrill seekers. It’s located on the pier, and it is a great option for a fun day out. Or, if you want something a tad different, you can visit the Santa Monica aquarium. Kids are sure to love meeting the different sea creatures, and they’ll definitely have fun trying to find Nemo.

Culture And Cuisine

After a day in the sun or exploring the city, you probably want to settle down with a good meal in a stunning restaurant. You have a number of different places to choose from in Santa Monica. But our pick would certainly be Fritto Misto. This tasty offering allows you to craft your own pasta treats, choosing the sauces, the meats and the spices to create your own delightful delicacy.

Is Santa Monica the next place on your travel planner? You don’t want to miss out exploring this Californian beach paradise.


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