9 Must Have Portable Office Items To Travel With

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word office? Most of you probably thought about work and stress. Even if your work involves travel mostly, the office is definitely not a fun place for most. The daily routine can get to you and make you lose motivation.

Although the only one who can make your job exciting is your employer, there are ways to make yourself feel better. Most workspaces allow employees to customize their office desks or cabins. However since you practically have no desk in such a job, it’s all left to your imagination. Having personalized items gives a more home-y feel to your workplace. Thus making your surroundings a little more pleasant.

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What Items To Carry

What items to carry can honestly vary depending on your preference and requirements. Some jobs need greater creativity and some stick to the traditional vibe. Regardless of whichever it may be, there are some additions you can make in just about any environment. Additionally some items are just plain handy. We will be discussing all kinds of items in this article in order to entertain all audiences. 

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are very handy items. Throughout your day you get a lot of data and it’s hard to memorize it all. Sticky Notes are an easy solution. They allow you to note down data on small notes that you can paste anywhere. Chances are if you have worked in an office or even from home, you’ll already know about them. If you don’t then you should give them a try. 

Go Wireless 

Cable management can be a real pain. Especially when you’re traveling. Tangled cables can seriously demotivate a person since they are exhausting to look at. They also create a sense of untidiness and can be a hassle if you’re working while traveling. Going wireless for components such as your mouse and keyboard allows you to have a much modern vibe. It also means less stress since you’re not going to be worried about untangling wires. Thus, allowing you to focus on work and ultimately increases your productivity. 

Tidy Tray

A tidy tray is a small but amazing product. It helps you store small items such as thumb pins, staples. They are a great product to have if you’re someone who likes to work in a tidy and clean space. They also help in organizing these small items and save you time whenever you need to find them. Companies such as Gritleather manufacture Tidy trays in leather which makes them a great visual addition to your desk too.

Cosmetic Box

Odds are your morning look won’t even last till lunchtime. Working while traveling means you might have to get ready for a meeting on the go. For this reason, we recommend having a cosmetic box. A cosmetic box can contain office attire accessories or a few makeup products. These may include lipstick, strip lashes, mink lashes, earrings. etc. If you’re curious about what are strip lashes you can learn more about them on cosmetic websites. 


An organizer will help you in organizing your important documents. For someone who has a portable office, an organizer is very important since you can’t store documents in spaces such as cabinets. An organizer is a cheap yet highly productive addition to your portable office.

Back-Up Bag

If you’re traveling a lot, you’ll be visiting a lot of people as well. First impressions are very important in meetings. Tidy clothes and an organized appearance can help make a good impression. For this reason, we recommend having a backup bag with spare clothes and a few accessories. In case your clothes get spoiled or you forget something, your backup bag will have you covered. Working while traveling means you can’t enjoy the luxury of just going home and changing clothes. Thus making this a very practical and important item to have. 


You will need to attend meetings online as well occasionally. For this purpose, you need a good headphone set. They will help you in understanding the other person more clearly and thus leading to effective communication. 

Lap Desk

A lap desk is a desk on your lap. Lap desks take up little to no space and make working while traveling much easier. Not all hotels and Airbnb have dedicated desks so it’s a great item to have. You can use it while sitting just about anywhere whether it be a bed, chair, or sofa. 

Hotspot Device

Hotspot devices are a must. They are portable internet routers in essence. Having this device will make sure you’re always connected to the internet and never miss out on anything. Having a continuous online connection is a big part of working from a portable office. Thus we recommend buying one of these. 


Working while traveling sounds like an exciting prospect and it has its perks. However, it is a lot of responsibility. You don’t get to have a routine that can be stressful for some people. So before you accept such a job make sure to evaluate yourself and if you’ll be able to carry on within the long run. If your answer is yes, then we believe the items we have listed above are just about perfect for you.


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