5 Tips for Beginner Hikers you must know

Are you planning on exploring the great outdoors? Hike up a grassy forest path or climb a desert mountain? What are you waiting for then!? Fall is the best weather to do these kinds of outdoorsy activities. The temperature is a good mix of chilly and warm and the skies are usually all clear. 

However, if you are hiking for the first time, you should be cautious of this fun, yet dangerous adventure. It does not take much to ruin your entire experience when you are hiking, away from all your household amenities and safeties. Fear not! We have got just the right beginner tips for you and your hiking group to have a wonderful adventure. From backpacking to actual hiking, we have got you covered with simple, easy-to-follow tips!

Letting People Know

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. We all want our hiking trip to proceed without any mishaps. However, it is always wise to prepare for unexpected situations where you might need help from people back home. Therefore, it is always safe to inform your loved ones about the details of your trip. 

Make sure that your family and friends know where you are going to hike. Knowing which trail you are on would make it easier to track you or send medical assistance if you get stuck or injured.

 Secondly, the people back home need to know when you are planning to come back. In an unprecedented situation where you might be unable to contact anyone and get stuck, your family and friends would have an estimated time by which you should be back home. If you do this, they would be able to call for help and send the authorities to search for you. 

Communication With Hikers

People usually plan out their hikes in groups. It is especially advised to do so if you are a beginner. Make sure that when you plan out your hike with other individuals, you are always with them every detail of a plan. 

For the group to stay together and support each other, they should know what time the hike would commence, from where do you all plan to start, and finally what path would you be taking to reach your final point. 

In case you are in a group with expert hikers, make sure that you are an active participant in the planning stage. This will make sure that you know what you are getting into and will remind the experts to thoroughly explain all the details. This would ensure that you understand all aspects of the hike. If you end up getting lost or lag behind the group, you can easily know which path you need to take to be with the rest of the group. 

Being Updated with Weather Conditions 

One of the most important, and unexpected, elements involved in your hiking trip is completely outside of your control! It is the weather. If it rains, snows, or even if it is way too sunny, your entire trip could be ruined and might even result in disastrous events. Therefore, you must update yourself with the day’s weather conditions before you head out. 

However, forecasts are not always accurate. Therefore, it is important to pack some essentials that will prove to be useful in unexpected weather conditions. Firstly, for rain, pack a raincoat and umbrella. For snow, make sure you have thick jackets and snow boots. Finally, for extremely sunny weather, make sure you are packing an ample supply of sunblock. 

Knowledge of Wildlife 

The outdoors are filled with beautiful trees, plants, and animals. However, not all of them are your friends. You might encounter multiple instances where you are faced with a potentially harmful animal. Similarly, you might also have a variety of poisonous plants. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know what type of wildlife you may come across on your hike.

One useful item to keep for areas with a large bear population is bear spray. Similarly, you may encounter rattlesnakes or plants that should not be touched or eaten. Hence, you must educate yourself and your hiking group about these possible experiences. 


Moving on to the most important thing that you can control is what you decide to carry in your backpack. This would be your most used, most trusted item when hiking. You should not fill it too much or under pack either. 

For safety and convenience, pack a knife and a lighter. This will allow you to defend yourself and light fires when needed. Fires are also important in driving animals away and making sure you keep yourself warm in case you get stuck on a trail during the night.

As for snacks, make sure that you pack some sweet liquid in a decent, durable,  and well-sized pooch with a tap. This would allow you to drink while you keep moving. Pack other light snacks as well along with water bottles as you do not want to overeat.

Finally, a walking stick and some caps would be very helpful. Make sure that you buy a steel walking stick that has its parts welded together thoroughly. Usage of good, reliable robotic wielding arms during the production process results in a sturdier stick, which you need during a long hike. 


Hiking is a fun activity. It helps you release some stress, admire the beautiful nature, and provide you the benefits of a good exercise session. However, that is only the case if you have successfully prepared yourself for the hike. Make sure that you, your group, and your loved ones back home know when and where you are going. Furthermore, you must know what to expect from the weather and the environment. Finally, packing the right stuff in your backpack is highly important. Following these few, simple steps we are sure that your next hiking trip would be one to remember! 


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