3 Tips For A Bucket-List Jamaica Trip

Known as the land of wood and water, Jamaica has all of the crucial ingredients of the stereotypical tropical island ̶ sun, sea and sand in bountiful supply.

But as beautiful as Jamaica’s beautiful beaches and crystalline Caribbean waters are, there’s a lot more to this inspirational island nation than meets the eye.


For starters, it’s hard to think of another small nation which has such a disproportionately large influence on the wider world ̶ its music continues to be a vehicle which delivers word, sound and power to every corner of the earth, uplifting, inspiring and educating in turns.

If you like immersive holidays where you get a real feel for a new country, here are three tips for a bucket list Jamaica trip.

Kingston Vibes

Kingston has suffered from a rough and ready reputation over the years but although there are some inner city areas you should still avoid, the majority of this city is safe to explore and since it’s the beating heart of Jamaica’s culture, it’s a sin to miss it.

Emancipation Park in the city centre is a gorgeous green space, Coronation Market downtown is a riot of colours, tastes and scents, and the Carib Theatre (a city centre cinema) is an awesome example of Atmospheric architecture. Meanwhile, real fans of music legend Bob Marley should also visit the Trenchtown Culture Yard to experience the environment that inspired some of his most iconic songs.

Picturesque Portland

Portland Parish in Jamaica’s east is arguably the country’s most naturally beautiful area. Full of mystical waterfalls, hidden coves, verdant hills and rushing rivers, it’s a picture-postcard paradise that’s a magnet for pleasure seekers.

Frenchman’s Cove beach is just 8km from parish capital Port Antonio and it’s a stunning crescent of silk-soft sands sheltered from the elements by rocky headlands and bordered at the back by palm trees and a natural lazy river which is as warm as a bath. Meanwhile, the Blue Lagoon is believed to be the crater of an extinct volcano and this compact natural bathing hole surrounded by vines and vegetation has striking turquoise waters which are 61 metres deep.

Hit the road

You’ll find public transport in Jamaica but it’s not as fast or reliable as the systems in Europe or North America, so if you want to see more of the island under your own steam, organise online car hire from a firm like Enjoy Travel beforehand and hit the road for adventure.

New, improved roads make it easy to reach tourist havens like Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and even Negril from Kingston, but you can also head into the hills of St Elizabeth to visit the Maroon stronghold of Accompong in St Elizabeth and easily drive into the misty Blue Mountains to sample the scenic delights of small settlements like Irish Town, Newcastle and Mavis Bank.

Hopefully this hattrick of tips for a terrific Jamaican trip has whetted your appetite ̶ have fun in the land of One Love!


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