Reasons to Go to Jamaica

If you’re looking for beaches and lush green mountains, the chance to do adventure activities like riding on an ATV, and friendly people, you might want to add Jamaica to your travel bucket list. Everyone should go at least once, and if you’re thinking about it, the following are some things to know.


You Can Find Great Beaches

The beaches are probably the biggest reason people go to Jamaica, and they don’t disappoint.

The most famous and pristine is Seven Mile Beach, which is in Negril. There are small hotels as well as all-inclusives along Seven Mile. There are also a number of bars and restaurants.

Ocho Rios also has nice beaches, and Montego Bay has a few, although they’re not the best.

If you go to Treasure Beach which is on the South Coast, there’s black sand. Frenchmen’s Cove is a small beach with lush, tropical surrounds.

There Are So Many Lodging Options

What’s great about Jamaica is that when it comes to finding a place to stay, you literally have all kinds of options. You can rent a staffed villa, or you can pick an all-inclusive or high-end boutique hotel. There are so many great options, from luxury villas of Jamaica to impressive resorts.

One of the nicest small hotels in Jamaica is Strawberry Hill, with an infinity pool that reaches over the mountainside.

Another luxury option in Jamaica is called Goldeneye resort. Goldeneye is actually a collection of huts, cottages, and villas. Each has a tropical garden, and there are private beaches and coves throughout the property.

The property was once the oasis of Ian Fleming, writer of the 007 series. This is also where he wrote all of the James Bond novels.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas is where the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back was set, and the hotel was designed by Ralph Lauren.

If you want something more affordable, you’re not out of luck.

There are good options that are very affordable, like the bohemian and quirky Jake’s hotel.

The Food

If you go to Jamaica, you have to try the delicious food. Of course, jerk chicken is the island’s most notable dish.

There are also so many other types of fruit and seafood. If you’re staying on a resort that’s all-inclusive, try to head off the property if possible to truly taste the local cuisine.

The Culture

Jamaican culture is truly one-of-a-kind. There’s the reggae music and the dance hall scene that Jamaica is so well-known for. There are cultural venues like the Devon House, where you can learn about Jamaica’s history. There’s also a laid-back friendliness among the Jamaican people.


Jamaica is known for offering so many outdoor activities and sports that you can participate in. Of course, there’s scuba diving and snorkeling, but you can also horseback ride, as was mentioned above, rent ATVs, you can hike and you can go rafting down the Martha Brae River.

In the Blue Mountains, the hikes are beautiful. The Blue Mountains are lush and cool. It’s also where Blue Mountain Coffee comes from. They’re the island’s highest mountain range, located on the eastern side.

If you head to Mystic Mountain Adventure Park, you can bobsled through the Ocho Rios mountains.

Montego Bay vs. Negril vs. Ocho Rios?

The three main resort areas of Jamaica where tourists go are Montego Bay, Negril, or Ocho Rios.

Montego Bay is the largest resort area, and there are hotels within every budget there. You’ll find plenty of all-inclusives, and Montego Bay is close to the airport.

That means you might hear a lot of airplane traffic, but otherwise, you can spend a few hours getting from the airport to your resort or hotel. This is where Round Hill Hotel & Villas is located, and there’s also the massive and recently renovated Half Moon resort.

Negril has some of the best beaches, as it is home to Seven Mile Beach. There is more of a party atmosphere in some parts of Negril, and it’s around 90 minutes from Montego Bay.

Ocho Rios is lusher, and it’s where you’ll find waterfalls, rivers, and bays. Ocho Rios is on the north coast of the island, and it’s nearly two hours from Montego Bay. It gives you close proximity to Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain.

Ocho Rios is where the Goldeneye resort is located, and also the popular Beaches resort.

Where you stay depends on your preferences, but you really can’t go wrong in Jamaica. It’s a laid-back, easy-going, and naturally beautiful place to take a trip.


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