How to turn travelling into a career

Do you sit in an office scrolling through Instagram and looking longingly at all those people travelling the world? Have you always wanted to travel but never had the courage or the funding? There are plenty of ways to make that dream a reality. If you want to travel more, make travelling your career.

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Start a travel blog

With time and patience, creating a travel blog can be a very lucrative venture with many great benefits and a substantial income. But blogging is not just about writing, travel blogs rely heavily on visual media so hone your photography and video skills. Look into video marketing tools to help drive traffic to your site and engage your audience to ensure the sufficient growth of your personal brand. Video marketing has shown to be a very valuable tool for any business looking to acquire new followers, its relevance increases tenfold when you apply it to things like travel – nothing will capture travel lovers attention like a well-produced, high-quality video.

Start Freelancing

Freelancing is great because you can work from anywhere at any time whilst also cultivating a great career path for yourself. Skills like writing, designing, and programming are always in high demand and can be done remotely from your hotel room. This option does require you to have a specific skill that can be freelanced but there is always the chance to learn new skills and take on new challenges to get you started.

Tutor children

A popular choice for those looking to work abroad is to teach children English. Many programmes do not require specific qualifications and often simply having a university degree is enough to be considered. You can spend 6 months, a year or longer teaching children overseas where you can truly immerse yourself in the culture and see everything the country has to offer.

Become a travel writer

Rather than taking the risk of trying to set up your own travel blog (or possibly alongside it whilst you are working to get your blog off the ground), you can work for a company or website as a travel writer. Do some research online and you will quickly find opportunities that allow you to travel and explore distant lands whilst earning money.

House sitting

You have probably only ever considered house sitting in terms of watering your neighbours’ plants whilst they are on vacation, but it can be a great opportunity to travel. You can take care of houses, ranches, mansions, castles, farms, or any other kind of accommodation in any location. It is not the best paying job but of course, it does come with a free place to live whilst you explore the country. The best opportunities are for castles and mansions that may need maintenance for long periods of time outside of the usual tourist season.

Sell your stories and photos

If you are a creative type and you like to take photographs or write stories about the beautiful places you visit then you also have the option of selling what you create on sites like Shutterstock and Paper Fellows.



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