Travel with Cyber Peace of Mind

The True Scope of Travel

Travel planning for personal or business purposes often involves a lot of work before boarding the flight. Many often overlook that they will very likely need to connect to the internet in a foreign country and overlook the many facets that come with it. Let’s dive more into this topic so you can travel with more a cyber peace of mind on your next trip.

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 A Vacation from Travel Planning and Preparation

Travel vacation plans to a new destination are exciting, especially if we have never been there, and many look forward to their vacation weeks and even months in advance.

Many often overlook the fact that there are many things to do and check well before their departure date. Some may need a mini-vacation just from their travel planning and preparation.

A VPN Solution

Ensuring that a strong, reliable and reputable VPN for travel solution purchased and installed on your laptop and other cyber-connected devices is just one small, yet, important example.

This is even more relevant than ever in the COVID-19 era when rules and regulations are on constant standby for change.

From your departure city and country to your destination and even potentially layover city, many items need to be checked regarding pandemic-related policies and requirements.

A Theoretical To-Do List

To help us remember what airline travel entails, this theoretical checklist should reawaken and strengthen awareness around that.

  • Check departure airport for the latest COVID-19 rules and regulations.
  • Check flight schedule a few days before, the night before, and a few times several hours before the flight.
  • Make sure all travel documentation such as a passport is valid and with you before your leave to the airport.
  • Is a VPN solution and other internet related security and privacy measures in place.
  • Check any layover airport for the latest COVID-19 rules and regulations.
  • Check destination airport’s latest COVID-19 rules and regulations.
  • Check the electrical system in the destination country and ensure any needed adapters will be purchased before the trip.
  • Check the destination country’s latest entrance and local COVID-19 rules and regulations.
  • Check authoritative pandemic-related sites such as the World Health Organization for macro and micro level news and related updates.
  • Check the latest baggage allowance for the given airline, flight and relevant class.
  • All related travel insurance is in place.
  • Are there any vaccination requirements and additional requirements in place.

So Much Stress

Just reading through the trimmed list above and imagining having to do all of the above and more can be stressful on its own, so imagine once you arrive at your vacation destination, you are likely to need that vacation EVEN MORE SO.

Avoid Cyber Stresses

As previously mentioned, preparations and annoying to-do lists prior to your trip are unavoidable and even more so, you should AVOID ANY ADDITIONAL STRESSES such as the ones related to internet use abroad.

The ideal vacation for some would be to disconnect from the digital world and connect to nature. In reality, many still need to be connected for reasons such as not giving up on their favorite content streaming platform during their vacation and more importantly to communicate with loved ones.

For that reason, a private internet access VPN service is an essential travel necessity. There are so many internet related stresses and worries this type of service will eliminate and conveniences that will help make the vacation as cyber stress free as possible with a feeling of cyber freedom and more cyber possibilities.

List of Cyber Stress Avoidances and Cyber Freedoms Gained with a VPN Service

  • Multi airport WiFi privacy and security.
  • Multi hotel or other lodging WiFi privacy and security.
  • Connect as your native location and avoid search results appearing in another language.
  • Some shows or movies you may have been watching back home may not be available in the country you are travelling to. Some entertainment streaming services will allow a VPN service to bypass that if you connect via the VPN to your country of origin. Especially for those more extended vacations, this could be a massive advantage to some.
  • Avoid foreign governments, hotels, ISPs and other businesses snooping on your activity and personal data.
  • Popular sites will not load in the country language and domain where you are at. Websites will load as if you were in your place of residence.


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