How to Make a Travel Bucket List

While travel may not be an option right now, it is a good opportunity to make future travel plans so that you have something to look forward to and can have the best possible experience. The world is a big and beautiful place which can make it hard to make a travel bucket list with so many great options – read on for a few tips on how to create this list.
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Choose Bordering/Nearby Countries

One of the best ways to condense the places that you want to visit is simply to look at countries which border one another or are nearby which will allow you to enjoy multiple destinations in one adventure. As an example, you could plan a Southeast Asia trip which will allow you to tick off places like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia or trips in Europe that allow you to visit multiple destinations.

Create a Mind Map with Images

If you are struggling trying to think of the best places to visit then you might want to create a mind map complete with images – photos are a great way of looking at destinations and could help you to visualize your trip.

Determine Your Needs

It is also a good idea to think about what your needs are from the trip and then to find a destination based on this. You might want a sun, sea and sand holiday or something completely different like camping in the wilderness or even winter sports.

Join Travel Groups Online

The internet is an excellent resource for travel enthusiasts as you can join online communities and then speak to people, get tips and advice from people that have travelled to the destinations that you are interested in. This could help you to have an authentic experience and know the best places to visit, things to avoid etc.


You should also take time to research destinations by reading travel journals, blogs, magazines and anything else which will give you a clear overview of different destinations. Do not base your list on social media posts as these will never be a true representation of a destination which is why you need to take the time to research different places and find out about what you can expect when you travel there – this is known as Insta vs Reality.


By this point, you should have quite a few destinations on your travel bucket list. It is then a case of going through the list and prioritizing the places that you want to visit (while keeping your budget in mind).

Now is the perfect time to start planning a future trip and there are many fantastic places all over the globe to choose from. Creating a bucket list can be tough but these tips should help you to identify the places that you should visit in the near future.


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