Choosing the Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

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Choosing the right vehicle is a big decision for anyone but even more if you will be using it for a long cross country road trip or just plan to take a lot of shorter road trips. You want a vehicle that is safe but also comfortable as you and your passengers will be spending a lot of time inside your vehicle.

For those reasons, it is important to do your research before making your decision on a road trip vehicle. I have found that is a great resource for researching vehicles. Their website has tons of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase. In addition to being able to make side-by-side comparisons, their website also has expert reviews and videos.

Here are some things to consider when picking the perfect road trip vehicle.

Adequate Space

One of the first things to consider before purchasing a car for a road trip is how much space you will need. Will you be road tripping alone or with one other person or do you have a large family? You want a vehicle that is big enough for everyone to sit comfortably as you will be spending a lot of hours in the car. Also think about storage space both inside the car and the trunk. You want to be sure your vehicle will have adequate trunk space for everyone’s belongings as well as a cooler. Space inside the car is important too –since you will be on the road for hours your passengers will want to bring some personal items, including food, snacks, drinks and entertainment with them. A small group might be OK with a smaller car while a large family might want to consider an SUV or minivan.

Gas Mileage

Choosing a vehicle that gets good gas mileage is important especially if you will be driving long distances. A high gas bill will raise your total travel costs making it more expensive for you to take that road trip you have been dreaming about.

Off-Road Capabilities
Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle

Will you be driving on highways and paved roads only or will you be off-roading? If the later, you will want a vehicle with off-road capabilities.

Other Safety and Comfort Features
One of the most important things to consider when on a road trip is the safety of your vehicle. The chances of getting into a car accident are low but should you get hit by another vehicle, you want to know you’re as well protected as you can be. If you get injured then you can look for car accident lawyers that can help get you compensation but it’s always best to just avoid the need for legal action by getting the safest car possible. It’s quite easy to find the safety rating of any car so be sure to do your research. Other things to consider before choosing a road trip vehicle is extra features that will ensure a comfortable trip. Some features that you might want in a vehicle depending on your budget include the following:

Bluetooth Compatibility

If your budget allows, I recommend a vehicle with Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth for hands-free calling which is safer than grabbing your phone for calls. Not all phones are compatible with a vehicle’s Bluetooth, so make sure your phone is compatible.

Air Conditioning

Even if you are not big on using A/C, you will want it if driving anywhere remotely warm or sunny. I find that even in cold climates, the greenhouse effect causes the temperature in the car to be super hot when it is sunny. Although most cars now have A/C, there are a few cars that don’t have it.

Cruise Control

Another feature you might want in a road trip vehicle is cruise control which makes long drives on highways easier.

Built-in GPS system

Consider whether you want a vehicle with a built-in GPS system or want to use your phone’s GPS.

These are the main factors to consider when researching vehicles for road trips but you might have other features you look for depending on your travel needs and preferences. What other features are important to you when choosing a road trip vehicle?