Make 2018 Your Year To See More Of These Awesome Countries

Sometimes we travel just to tick another country or two off the list. Sure, you’re well into double figures, but just how much of each country did you see? Did you only have time for one or two regions? Perhaps you only made it as far as a single city. Now is a great time to back track. Check out other parts of your favorite places. And don’t forget to make the time to see those icons of each that you never quite got around to:


Make 2017 Your Year To See More Of These Awesome Countries
Italy’s famous boot shape that dips right into the Mediterranean is full of surprises. The north of the country is very different from the south. And there are stark differences between east and west too. Did you get time to see the great icons of Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence? Each city has so much to offer. But it is all the towns and villages in between that will give you a true flavor of Italy which is why you might want to take a road trip through Tuscany. If you didn’t get to the vineyards and farms of Tuscany, then you’ve really missed out. Make this year your Italian re-adventure.


When we think of France, we think of the beauty and romance of Paris. We might dream of the opulence of the French Riviera. But did you choose one over the other? Regions of France to the south are rarely explored, which is a great shame. And no, it’s not all about vineyards! One of the best ways to reach Nice and the other southern regions is to hop on a cruise that includes them as port calls. Companies like Imagine Cruising can detail several options that might suit you. Why not take in the whole Mediterranean in one go?


Make 2017 Your Year To See More Of These Awesome Countries
This country is enormous. But it is still sparsely populated. There are only a few cities, and they are situated right on the coast. So what about everything in the middle? Much of it is difficult terrain, and certainly not for lone trekking. There is, however, much to see in the bush that could provide you with an incredible travel experience. Alternatively, why not make a stop at one of the cities you missed? Perth and Adelaide are beautiful year round, and worth making the long-haul trip for. Perth is dry but has a vibrant city and amazing park spaces. Adelaide has a huge Arts movement and plenty of festivals to enjoy.


Japan is world-renowned for its high-tech cities. You can easily travel from one place to another on time and at high speed. But many travelers reveling at these marvels can easily miss out. Treasures like the mountainous regions, small islands, and countryside are worth the return visit. It’s easy to forget how beautiful some of the Japanese traditions are if you restrict yourself to just city visits here. Try an island hop, or take a tour that offers more than shopping and technology.

Have you missed out on some of the icons of this world? It’s easy to do. After all, money and time must be budgeted. Why not make 2018 your year to revisit the places you meant to see?