Holidays to the Maldives: “Island Escapes: Creating Unforgettable Maldives Memories

The islands of the Maldives are a unique place on the planet, and they rightfully call it paradise on Earth. This jewel located in the heart of the Indian Ocean is one of the most popular vacation destinations. The natural beauty of this area fascinates with its coral reefs, long white sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, numerous turquoise lagoons, and the incredible richness of the underwater world. On this island, you will have the opportunity to see unusual and rare specimens from the sea, such as angel fish or tiger fish. Certain fish live in this area so when you dive you will feel like you are on another planet when you are surrounded by a colorful underwater world.


If you googled a term such as “holidays to the Maldives” but were confused by the countless options, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Briefly about the Maldives

The Maldives is a country that is an island group located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of about 1,200 atolls (coral islands), of which about 200 are inhabited, while about 100 are in private arrangements of certain resorts. The capital is Male, where the majority of the population lives, while the total population is 400,000. Since they have no natural resources, the main industry is fishing and, of course, tourism, which is increasing year by year. The official religion is Islam so you have to be careful when walking around the city to be dressed appropriately while the resorts do not have a dress code.

Connection between the Maldives and the world

The Maldives have extremely good connections with the rest of the world. The only way to get to the Maldives is by plane, or if you’re cruising by boat, one of the must-see stop destinations is the Maldives. Keep in mind that the flight ticket will be very expensive, during September and October you have numerous discounts for both air tickets and accommodation facilities.

How to get around when you get to the island

Here you have more options from boat rental, private flight, local flight, and hydroplane. Depending on where you booked your accommodation, you will have to adjust which transport you will use. If you are far from the capital, then a hydroplane is the best option for you.

The climate in the Maldives

The climate in the Maldives is tropical and it is divided into two seasons, rainy and dry. However, due to its location, the Maldives is quite protected from strong monsoons and the occurrence of heavy rains, which is what the monsoon climate is known for. Tourists visit this country throughout the year because the weather is pleasant and the temperatures are around 30 degrees, with the occasional shower of rain to cool you down.

Accommodation in the Maldives

When it comes to accommodation, you have the option to choose between luxurious villas and bungalows on the open sea, top 5-star resorts, mid-range accommodation, and those with a limited budget. Depending on your financial capabilities, you will choose the option that suits you best.

Luxury accommodation has special privileges and opportunities, villas that are located on the open sea are hidden from the view of many other tourists. The bungalows have glass floors so that visitors can observe the underwater world from their rooms.

You can book mid-range accommodation as well as those with a budget during September and October at cheaper prices. The offer includes excursions and the possibility of a diving course.

Creating unforgettable memories in the Maldives

There are numerous activities that you can try to experience all the beauty of this dreamy paradise on earth. You can organize various boat trips to neighboring islands, rent a hydroplane and visit more remote places, visit historical sights in the capital, try delicious seafood specialties as well as enjoy the only underwater spa center in the world or simply relax on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves with a refreshing drink.

Marine activities

If you are able, we suggest you try diving and exploring coral reefs and colorful underwater life. Here you will have the opportunity to see some types of fish that are not found anywhere else in the world. In addition, you can try jet skiing, flyboarding, or paragliding.

A walk along long, spacious sandy beaches

Romantic walks along beautiful long sandy beaches at sunset are something you must experience. When you walk, you have the feeling that the border between the sky and the sea is disappearing because of the various shades of blue that are especially highlighted by the white sand. Thanks to the shallow waters, it is possible to walk along the beaches in the open sea that appear during the day.


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