Thailand Holiday: “Captivating Thailand: A Cultural and Scenic Exploration

A country that has many names, and one of the more famous is the land of smiling faces. This nickname refers to friendly and hospitable locals who are always smiling and ready to help you. Thanks to this guide, you will be able to discover and experience all the natural and cultural beauty of this wonderful jewel of Asia. 

If you were googling terms such as “thailand holiday” but found yourself being more confused by the amount of the information, don’t worry we got you covered. 

Why this gem is the ultimate getaway destination

Many aspects play an important role from beautiful beaches, beautiful clear water, mysterious lagoons, historical sites and temples in the middle of caves, hiking through the jungle as well as numerous marine activities. One of the most important things is that Thailand is not that expensive, even when it comes to accommodation and groceries. Many choose to live in this little paradise on earth, which offers vacation and adventure in one and is accessible to everyone.

Briefly about Thailand

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia, with the main and most populous city, Bangkok. This country has slightly less than 70 million inhabitants, most of whom are located in the central part of the country in the river valleys. An exceptional combination of nature: mountains, jungles, seas, and islands scattered around its coast with beautiful coves and sandy beaches.

What are scenic and breathtaking points and views?

As this country hides many beauties, it also hides many places that will take your breath away when you experience them. We will single out the places you must visit to best immerse yourself in the culture of this wonderful nation.

Phi Phi Islands

This beautiful island is located in the Andaman Sea and is one of the most famous must-see places in Thailand. All four islands stand out with their white sandy beaches and transparent turquoise waters, over which towering rocks rich in greenery. 

It is recommended to visit this beach early in the morning to avoid the crowd when there are thousands of tourists. Some islands have a quieter character, while one main island has all the necessary infrastructure with hotels, restaurants and shops.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya

one of the best things to do in Thailand is visit Ayutthaya

This ancient city is 80 kilometers from Bangkok and is an unmissable destination due to its cultural heritage. There are several temple complexes to see when you are in this ancient city. The most famous temple is Wat Maha That, where the Buddha’s head is among the tree branches. You have a lot to explore here, so you can get around by bike or tuk-tuk.

Khao Sok National Park

This national park is an amazing and vibrant reserve of nature and animal life. There are numerous activities that you can do here, such as hiking through the jungle, entering caves, kayaking, or simply resting and absorbing the nature in which you are. You can also spend one night here by the lake, which is also a wonderful experience.

Koh Tao

This island is located on the east coast and is the cradle of diving. Many tourists and beginners come here for their first diving experience because of the clarity of its waters as well as the existence of numerous diving schools at reasonable prices. Here you have different beaches on this island, some of them are calmer and some have a more lively character with different contents. You will get the most beautiful picture of this place, and perhaps of the trip, from Nang Yuan, where three islands have been formed and are interconnected by white sandy beaches that merge with turquoise clear water.


This city stands out for its historical heritage, location, and beauty, which it still conveys to us today. One of the most beautiful temples that leave you speechless is temple Mahathat. Here you can rent a bike and visit numerous temples and palaces and explore the surroundings of this wonderful place.

Additional tips

Be sure to get travel insurance wherever you go, when you buy a ticket you can see where your accommodation is, how far it is and which transport you will use. Connections with airports and airlines are very good, so you can find cheap flights. You can move around the country in several ways, by taxi, or boat, rent a car, rent a driver or rent a scooter depending on where you need to go. It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids and use skin protection creams.


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